After seeing the magnificent Puente Nuevo bridge, (especially coupled with that uphill walk), all I could think about was lunch! (Yes, even before carrying on with exploring the rest of the city). As it turns out, lunch was quite an unremarkable affair so I’ll just skip past that one, and instead take you on a … Continue Reading

Ronda is a pretty old Spanish city and I don’t say that lightly either! The city dates back to Neolithic times (approximately 10,000BC) so if ever you were looking for a place to explore Spanish history – this would be a pretty good place to start! Thankfully, after our time in Malaga, we decided to … Continue Reading

Europe, without a doubt, has a breadth of amazing places to visit. You’ve got the most dramatic experiences in Iceland, the picture perfect coastline of Cinque Terre and the many unusual places to visit in London and so much more to look forward to when you’re planning a trip to Europe. You might remember from our instagram that we recently got to … Continue Reading

Spain is such a diverse European Country, from the breathtaking heights of Ronda, the vibrant culture of Salamanca to the freaking delicious vineyards around Casares. Some of the places to visit in Spain are pretty well-renowned – take for instance the must-see sights of Barcelona or the pretty Basque town of San Sebastian in the North but what … Continue Reading

The last few days have been hectic but oh so fun filled! If you’ve been on Snapchat lately (@HandLuggageOnly), then you’ll have seen that we’ve been in Spain exploring Malaga and beyond with Surprise Trips. (Surprise Trips is an amazing start-up offering you the chance to travel to destinations based on your own budget and … Continue Reading

We have all heard about the amazing art in Barcelona and the beauty of the ‘party’ destination of Ibiza, but there is so much more to visit in Spain than just a few key destinations. There really is a whole load of beautiful towns in Spain – all waiting for us to discover. 🤗 Spain is such a … Continue Reading