Singapore is one city I feel lucky to have called home! A big reason why is, of course, all the fun things to do in Singapore but the unexpected nature of some of them is perhaps what really made it so special to call the city ‘home’ for a while… My move to Singapore happened … Continue Reading

I’ve got a real soft spot for Singapore, not just because it was ‘home’ for six months but because it’s a much more diverse, culturally rich and cooler city than most people think. Of course, you’ve got the glitzy marina, the amazing glossy buildings but there is so much more to Singapore, with unique experiences … Continue Reading

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world you can visit but don’t let that fool you for a second, it’s also one pretty exciting place, especially if you’re visiting Singapore for the first time. On the surface of it, Singapore seems like just a shiny collection of high-rise apartment and corporate buildings but … Continue Reading

I’ll be the first to admit, before moving to live in Singapore, I can’t say I knew much about this tiny country. I had a friend living there who gave me a quick low-down on what areas to look for apartments in and told me how safe it all was…etc but that was about it. I … Continue Reading

For almost half a year, we called Singapore home and what a glorious half a year it was. Elements of Singapore were reminiscent of being home in London (the diversity of people and food on offer for starters) though for the most part Singapore has its own unique feel. It’s easily a city/country that I’d move … Continue Reading

Singapore has a poor reputation when it comes to beaches. For all the flash and pomp the city-state has, with its towering steel and glass towers, beautiful people and amazing food (to mention but a few), it is notorious for having no ‘really nice’ beaches. There’s perhaps one beach of note in the Sentosa resort … Continue Reading

After living in Singapore for 6-months, we’ve come to know the city (and country) pretty well.  It’s one of my favourite places to visit in Asia. This is all mainly due to the epic things to do in Singapore. It’s one of those cities that can appeal to everyone. Now, you might be thinking that … Continue Reading

I’m not a huge fan of botanical gardens. It’s not that they’re not nice/pretty/colourful/fragrant enough or anything of the sort. I just don’t know that much about flowers. Sure, I know how to identify the usual suspects – roses, orchids, lilies and the like but beyond that, I’m absolutely clueless. Like if you asked me … Continue Reading

On arrival in Singapore, one of the first things I did was explore my neighbourhood – once I was done with my Uni work from Cambridge which had the ridiculously timed deadline of a few days after I arrived – between jet lag, assignment deadlines and general tiredness, I felt like I spent the first few … Continue Reading

Okay, perhaps not as much the wild side as “the wild”… or at least as wild as a nature trail can be! On this afternoon in Singapore, four of us decided to go explore the MacRitchie Nature Trail (another highly recommend FREE thing to do in Singapore) however as half the party was quite jetlagged, … Continue Reading

I love going to see stuff that most people don’t do. When in Singapore, most people head off to see the obvious shiny stuff – the Marina Bay Sands, shopping on Orchard Road, Day trips to Universal Studios and while there absolutely nowt wrong with those things, one experience I definitely recommend when in Singapore … Continue Reading

We’ve all been there. You’ve arrived excited you’re so busy sightseeing and taking photos that you’ve almost forgotten entirely about the needs of your stomach which at the most awkward moment decides to start growling like a beast and won’t stop until it’s been fed. Well if that should ever happen to you when you’re … Continue Reading

“And where is this place that offers the promise of amazing cocktails and entertainment all topped up with a stunning 360 view across not just the country it is in but some neighbouring countries in the distance?” You ask. It is 1-Altitude in Singapore. And just in case you were wondering, nope, this is not a … Continue Reading

The day was a particularly hot day in Singapore… perhaps no hotter than average but when you’re still getting used to the heat and have been walking around in the heat, it starts to get pretty uncomfortable. Originally, we were looking for a beach but after getting lost in our search for the beach, we happened upon … Continue Reading