Advice on eating Stinky Smelly Durian Fruit (4)

I need some advice! As part of my holidays anywhere, one of the things I enjoy the most is trying out local food! I’m such a foodie at heart and I genuinely get excited once I know there’s food involved in a trip anywhere. That is of course until I came across the Durian Fruit. The fruit is particularly popular here in Singapore but I have several reasons why I’m a bit apprehensive yet eager to try it. The first person who recommended I try it (my friend from South Korea who grew up in Singapore) told me that when he first had it he was actually physically sick but that it was okay after that. Hmmm – not exactly selling it…. Then there’s the smell – the fruits stink so bad that you can smell them a mile away and the smell is reminiscent of ‘sun-warmed garbage’. The prospect of being sick is not an appealing one but I’m also confused as to why I should want to eat something with a smell like that. Still… part of being here and travelling anywhere really is to experience new things so I really want to try it!

Here’s the advise part – have you tried Durian before or know of anyone else who has? If so, what was the experience like? Is there a recommended way to eat it and if so, what is it? Finally, what type should I try? (Turns out there are lots of different types).

If you do know, please do let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or by leaving a comment below). Thanks people! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Advice on eating Stinky Smelly Durian Fruit (1) Advice on eating Stinky Smelly Durian Fruit (2) Advice on eating Stinky Smelly Durian Fruit (3)

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