As you already know from our instagram and snapchat (@HandLuggageOnly), we recently returned to South Africa to explore its stunning Eastern Cape and spend some time in the beautiful city of Port Elizabeth. When everyone thinks of South Africa, most people’s thoughts tend to go towards Kruger National Park or Cape Town before it starts … Continue Reading

Going on safari is easily one of the most exciting travel adventures anyone can have. The sheer access to practically untouched and unadulterated nature is nothing short of breathtaking and is pretty much guaranteed to be one holiday you’ll be talking about for quite a while! This all sounds great of course (and truth is, … Continue Reading

…cos let’s face it! You kinda go on safari to see the Lions amirite? Our final day on safari before heading off to Cape Town started a lot greyer than all the other days. Still, it’s gotta be said, grey in South Africa – especially on safari beats grey in London anytime so there were … Continue Reading

Table Mountain has always been a big one for me! It was one of the very first things I saw in Cape Town (I have any blurry plane photos to prove that) and it had me bouncing like a kid in a candy shop the first time I saw it in the distance on the drive … Continue Reading

In my last post here, I promised that I would update snapchat on the go (username – HandLuggageOnly) but seeing as I didn’t have internet, somewhere in between the hive of activity we’ve had all day, all my snaps disappeared! (Not impressed Snapchat). It’s almost past 1am here in South Africa and seeing as the … Continue Reading

Last time we were here, we left knowing South Africa was too good not to come back to. A few short months later, we’re back again in South Africa but instead of going on safari or heading off to explore the justifiably popular (and rather exciting) Cape Town, we’ve kinda gone off the beaten track … Continue Reading

A drive across the Cape Peninsula is one thing that was recommended to us time and time again by pretty much everyone we met in Cape Town so seeing as we had a car, we figured we might as well make the most of it and explore the route. I have to say, the route … Continue Reading

This is a quick one! The afternoon actually started off in Muizenberg… …swiftly followed by a visit to Boulder’s Beach to see the penguins. And although a visit to the Cape Peninsula was ultimately where we were headed to, a little stopover in Simon’s Town is definitely worth it on your drive outside of Cape Town. … Continue Reading

The safari morning started like every other one usually does. An early wake up call. A couple of seconds spent thinking “Where in the world am I?“. A subsequent realisation that I’m thousands of miles away from home on safari. A rumble around the villa to get ready. Several cups of coffee, swiftly followed by what was … Continue Reading

Muizenberg is a beach suburb in Cape Town and while we didn’t really get the chance to explore Muizenberg in any real depth, one thing we knew we certainly had to do was head down to the beach, albeit not for the obvious reasons one would expect. The thing is Georgia had heard about the colourful beach … Continue Reading

Another day, another safari. You would think the planned nature of the safari drives would mean that the whole experiences lend itself to a certain amount of predictability but au contraire. The very nature of the subjects in question – wild animals, means that no one safari day is ever the same as another. There’s … Continue Reading

After discovering Cape Town recently (where we saw an overload of cute penguins in Boulders Bay, enjoyed the breathtaking coastline of Cape Peninsula and ate our weight in some of Cape Town’s best restaurants), we knew it was only a matter of time before we would have to plot our return to one of the most exciting countries … Continue Reading

After our brilliant first safari, I was understandably excited about the following morning’s safari drive – even if it did mean waking up at 5.00am! I have to admit, especially after going to bed at around 1am the night before – I did struggle for a minute or two with the wake up call, until … Continue Reading

First off, I’ll just admit it – I seriously underestimated Cape Town! The main reason why we visited South Africa was to go on safari and visiting Cape Town was initially nothing more than a was to spend a few extra days between the safari and returning to London. If we’d known how amazing it was and … Continue Reading