The return from Gugh and St Agnes, led straight to the garden for an afternoon nap (all that fresh air will do that to you), followed by dinner at the Ruin Beach cafe. Ruin Beach cafe is exactly as it sounds, a restaurant set amidst the ruins on the beach. It has one the nicest views … Continue Reading

The Isles of Scilly are a little-known (and some may say, secret) gem in the UK. Only 30 miles or so from Great Britain, the islands are basked in a tropical haze that we can only ever wish for in London! Yes, you read that correctly, the islands are a tropical gem that is perfect … Continue Reading

Afternoon naps are an amazing thing aren’t they? They leave you so refreshed and all geared up to explore the world! (Even when they last for just an hour). Spurred by this new found energy, we left the Isles of Scilly Country Guesthouse (which at this point was basking in the island sunshine and ventured out … Continue Reading