Prague is one of those incredibly beautiful cities in Europe that’s perfect to explore; especially as part of a weekend or longer trip. You see, it’s got something for everyone; history, tasty food, gorgeous cobbled streets and loads of stunning buildings. Honestly, there’s a whole heap of the best things to do in Prague that are dotted all across the city. 

For me, the thing I loved most about Prague was how walkable the city centre is. This means that it’s great if you don’t want to be hopping on trains and buses the whole time whilst you’re in the city and you can actually see most places with a little, leisurely, stroll. 

Plus, all that walking means that you can order and extra huge dessert; well, that’s my excuse, anyway! 😉

Anyway, before I get too hungry whilst talking about dessert, I wanted to pop over some of the best things to do in Prague on your next trip. Just make sure to pack those comfy walking shoes. 

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Take a look, below, at the best things to do in Prague on your next trip. Have the best time! 

1.) Charles Bridge

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So, Charles Bridge is probably one of the most famous (and busiest) bridges in all of Prague. Yeah, you’ll see lots of other visitors but it can be quieter in the mornings if you’re not too keen on crowds. 

Built over 500-years ago, it’s an iconic part of the city and strolling the bridge and the surrounding streets are easily one of the best things to do in Prague whilst you visit. 

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the statues that line the bridge edge, too. 

Afterwards, pop into Bistrot Valentino for one of the best dinners in the city. Just make sure to reserve a table for an evening meal as it fills up fast. 

2.) Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí)

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Nestled right within the centre of Prague, the Old Town Square is another of Prague’s iconic spots to exploring. 

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Once here, make sure to explore the little pieces of history that are dotted all around the square.

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You’ll get to explore the historic Town Hall, see the Church of St Nicholas (in a Baroque-style) and the monument to Jan Hus. 

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Now, depending on when you visit, you’ll also see lots of markets that happen in the square itself.

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For instance, there’s a heap of Easter and Christmas markets (plus many more) that sell everything you could imagine. 

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Finally, if you’ve got time, make sure to head up the Old Town Hall Tower, which is stunning! Oh, and of course, make sure to see the Astronomical Clock, too. 

3.) St. Vitus Cathedral

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Being the largest church in the country, St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most important religious sites to see.

Once inside, you’ll see lots of tombs relating to Bohemian kings and Roman Emperors that have once called this region home. 

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Don’t forget to see the Mosaic of the Last Judgment, wander through the transept and explore where previous royal coronations took place. 

4.) Prague Castle

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 Built over a 1,000 years ago, Prague Castle is still the office of the President, even to this day.

Now, you will require tickets to look around aspects of Prague Castle, though the grounds are free to enter. Though, best of all, there are multiple options so you only need to pay for what you actually want to see and not a one-fits-all type of ticket. Make sure to also see Lobkowicz Palace, too. It’s still the only privately-owned part of the castle complex itself.

If you feel a little explore, take the Funicular railway up Petrin Tower and hop out for a little stroll across to Prague Castle itself. The whole area is magical and easily one of the best things to do in Prague when you visit. 

For a yummy tasting menu, pop into Gallery 44 (which is a restaurant). Here, they have a seasonal menu that is just so delicious. It might be a little pricier than other spots in the city but this really is a ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of place. 

5.) Malá Strana

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Sometimes known as Lesser Town, Malá Strana is one of the easiest places to see whilst in the centre of Prague.

You see, it’s just below the castle (right before the river), making it totally easy to explore after a trip to the castle. 

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whilst exploring the area, make sure to pop in the; Kafka Museum, Waldstein Palace, see the narrowest street in Prague and walk the Lennon Wall that’s been a site of political messages since the communist days. 

If you’re caught out with a little rain, pop into the National Gallery of Prague that has some of the most impressive artwork in the country. 

If it’s some good food you’re after, hop into Santini Garden that serves the tastiest lunches in the city. 

6.) Cathedral of St. Clement

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Just across Charles Bridge, seeing Cathedral of St. Clement is one of the best things to do in Prague when you’re near the river itself. 

Often, there’s a range of difference concerts and performances that go on in the cathedral, which is totally amazing; and not just because of the setting. For me, this is a really special way to see a performance and totally memorable. 

7.) Strahov Monastery

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Founded almost 1,000 years ago, heading inside Strahov Monastery is easily one of the best things to do in Prague if you love ornate buildings.

It’s a total gem and really incredible to see. 

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Now, on busy days, you do need to queue to go in; with this in mind, visit early in the morning and avoid weekends if you want to miss most of these.

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Once inside, make sure to take in the views across the city and wander around the Library of the Strahov Monastery.

It’s one of the prettiest in Europe and so pretty. 

8.) Celetna street

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Connecting both the Old Town Square with Powder Gate, Celetna Street. It’s easily one of the most historic streets in Prague and filled with lots of little cafes and eateries that are great to visit on a chilled afternoon.

If you’re interested in design, pop into the Czech Museum of Cubism and take a wander at all the exhibitions. That being said, you might find it a little boring if that’s not your thing! 

It’s also part of the royal route in Prague, with the Knights Templar once holding get-togethers on this street. It’s totally gorgeous and one of the free things in Prague that won’t cost you a dime. 

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Also, after taking a walk around the street (and cobbled alleys), make sure to go for a snack of Trdelnik that’s grilled dough and dusted with sugar.

If you’re feeling extra indulgent, pop in some ice cream, cream, chocolate or fruits. It’s so yummy! 

9.) Tour the River Vltava

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If you want to take the load off your feet, then hop on board one of the little boats that tour the River Vltava. It’s a great way to explore the city of Prague and you won’t have to get off your seat. 

For me, it’s particularly nice at sunset and a great way to wind down after a long day exploring. There are quite a few companies that offer this service along the river and it’s really easy to find one that’ll suit your time for sure. 

If you’ve worked up an appetite, head to The Mail Room bistro that creates the most delicious dishes. Their goat’s cheese salad was amazing! 

10. Obecni Dum

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Next to Powder Gate, Obecni Dum is one of Prague’s best-known venues to visit. Once here, you can take one of the tours, see the temporary exhibitions or even coincide your visit with a performance.

It’s totally beautiful inside and well worth a gander once you’re here. 

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