Geneva is a gorgeous city, one that’s filled with mountains of chocolate, some incredible history and a water-jet that’ll put any fireman’s hose to shame! Surrounded by the Alps to the south, the city is a perfect place to begin your adventure in Switzerland. After many years of itching to visit, we finally made it to … Continue Reading

Geneva turned out to be quite the most fantastic surprise! Thing is, I’ve always associated Geneva with being a destination where you go to spoil yourself silly. Luxury watches, delicious chocolates and indulgent shopping all spring to mind when I think of Geneva but when we visited this amazing Swiss city for the very first, we ended … Continue Reading

Chocolates, watches and cheeses, these are all thoughts that cross your mind when you think about Swizterland and things that make me (and you, I imagine) very happy indeed. Of course, apart from generally making fantastic things, Switzerland is a treasure trove of natural wonders (case in point – the Swiss Alps) and the amazing … Continue Reading

There are so many beautiful places in Switzerland. The name alone conjures up thoughts of the finest chocolates, flashy watches, some hardcore neutrality and bank accounts with more zeros than you can imagine write. 💰 Yup, the Swiss have definitely got the luxury niche covered on all fronts but there’s so much more to Switzerland … Continue Reading