And yes, the UK does count as part of Europe even though it appears most people never really seem to think of the UK as Europe.

It always seems like it has a separate identity because it’s an island but I digress. Living in Europe definitely has it’s advantages as a lot of Europeans will definitely agree and these are some of the reasons why you should spend some time living in Europe (if you don’t already of course).

1.) Once you’re in Europe, you can pretty much see most of Europe.

(It’s a lot cheaper and a lot more hassle-free)

2.) The amazing history!

3.) The food! So many different types of food!

4.) The people – it’s not uncommon to hear of love stories and friendships formed on Euro-trips!

5.) Music!!! And dancing – doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at it – you gotta hit that dancefloor when your song comes up!

6.) Beautiful landscapes – quite literally moments that will make you almost involuntarily shout “WOW”!

7.) Architecture! Another great source of “WOW” moments.

8.) The opportunity to learn a new language!

9.) The work-life balance is pretty good too!

10.) Europeans know how to party. Whether it’s celebrations (e.g. a wedding) or even just a night out – Europeans most definitely know how to have fun!

11.) The Euro – not loved by all but it makes it easy for you when you travel across different countries.

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