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It is that time of the year again. It started off wonderfully with autumn… its beautiful hazy sunlight, gorgeous orange leaves falling everywhere and leaving us with warm fuzzy feelings until it gives way to the harsh coldness that is winter. Winter can be beautiful when it snows of course but otherwise, winter is typically grey, dark and cold. The sun goes down around 4 pm and with each passing day it goes down earlier and earlier as so do the degrees.

This of course is why my thoughts around this time of the year turn to warm escapes from cold Europe. I’ve pined over winter getaways in the past and this year, I’ve finally round to making it a reality – I’m off to Thailand for Christmas and New Year. You can imagine how excited I am! I can’t wait. Now, asides Thailand of course, here are 5 warm escapes from cold Europe.

5 Winter Sun Escapes From Cold Europe

1.) Dubai or Abu Dhabi

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The United Arab Emirates are the safest choice for successful AND warm vacation – you might run in to a sandstorm when visiting but no matter what, it is always warm here. As we speak, it is 35 degrees Celsius in Abu Dhabi which sounds perfect, but just imagine the 50 degrees Celsius weather they reach in the Summer months. It is absolutely unbearable… Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cities that have so much to offer whether you are looking for luxury, relaxation, culture, experiences or fun, since there are so many things to do here. The best thing is that it takes about an hour to drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi depending on the traffic. My personal favorite activities and things to do in the Emirates are: dune bashing in the desert, shopping in the old town souk (while you are at it make sure you have some tailored clothes made) and visiting the astonishing mosque in Abu Dhabi which is actually the world’s biggest mosque and is an experience everyone should try!

2.) Tel Aviv

5 Warm Escapes From Wintery Cold Europe- Tel Aviv Israel (1)
5 Warm Escapes From Wintery Cold Europe- Tel Aviv Israel (2)

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The second biggest city of Israel, Tel Aviv, is one of the more easily accessible and realistic travel destinations (especially the costs of plane tickets would make your wallet happier than some of the other destinations), and while it is not super hot in Tel Aviv this time of year, the weather is still significantly warmer than in Northern Europe. Tel Aviv is said to be the main hipster town of the Middle East, and architects go here to get inspiration as the city is filled with a mixture of art deco and art nouveau architecture and buildings all over. Tel Aviv also has great art museums and galleries which gathers art lovers from around the world, and last but not least – the food! Who would mind indulging in hummus and other Israeli delicatessen on a daily basis for a few days in a row?

3.) Marrakech

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As well as Tel Aviv, Marrakech also isn’t the hottest destination as of right now, but the weather and the culture will still make you feel like you are in a completely different world all though the red city is not further than a few hours on a plane. Marrakech is a very fascinating city with many different cultures and languages mixed into one. That also means that there are tons of things to do and see in Marrakech. Take a day trip to the Atlas mountains that are red due to content of red ochre pigment, visit an authentic Berber village, do spa treatments, take a swim in the hotel pool, be touristy and see some of the many historical sites of Marrakech such as the castle, take a walk in the Yves Saint Laurent Garden or go on a shopping spree in the countless souks that sell everything imaginable.

4.) Miami

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Miami the quintessence of fun. That is how easy it is to describe this city located on the seaside just off the border to middle America and the exotic Caribbean islands. Also, Miami is blessed with being warm year round, so why not use this and go on a Winter trip to wonderful Miami? Miami has a big, international airport which means that there are many possibilities to fly directly here from where you are departing from. In Miami you can go partying in South Beach at night-time, visit national parks, take a road trip to the Keys, look at art – for example is the world known Art Basel week coming up soon (3.-6. December 21015), and if you do not make it that week, Miami has its own art city – called Wynwood – an old, abandoned industrial area with warehouses which has now been turned in to a grafitti-street-art-design-art-mural-artist haven where different artists can express themselves on the huge walls and buildings. The art has turned Wynwood into one of the coolest places in Miami and due to the recent popularity hip coffee bars and great restaurants have now also opened in this area turning it into a whole new neighborhood.

5.) Tanzania

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I guess, at least a few of you, dream of going on a safari right? Well, so do I! Tanzania is my dream safari destination and watching Anthony Bourdain’s in his TV show Parts Unknown going to Zanzibar and Tanzania only made this dream even bigger. Many people say the best time to go on a safari in Tanzania is during the winter months due to the short rain season. Tanzania is the perfect destination because this place gives you the possibilities to go on a safari for a few days, to experience some culture in the different big cities that should be magnificent due to the cultural mixture here of people from all over the world – Africans, Europeans and also a lot of Indian people, and last but not least a trip to Tanzania could end with a few days of relaxation, turquoise water and divine beaches on Zanzibar. Bliss!

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