Summertime is holiday time. Countries literally seem to shut down for weeks at a time while everyone heads off for holiday (here’s looking at your France and Italy) and so it comes as no surprise that this is one of the best times to plan that amazing trip you’ve been dreaming about doing in Europe.

I’m gonna try to keep this as brief as possible and jump straight into these trip below, which you absolutely should go on this summer.

The holiday ideas below are more than just a great way to have fun in Europe this summer, they are also a great way to experience Europe in an exciting and arguably, more engaging way than might have otherwise.

Let’s get started, shall we?

9 Trips In Europe To Take This Summer

1.) Rent a farmhouse in Tuscany.

The Farmhouse... In Tuscany, Italy (34)

Italy is one of those countries in Europe where no matter where you go to, you’ll always end up finding somewhere utterly beautiful and amazing to spend time in. Tuscany is the epitome of all of this and so, this trip idea is pretty simple, book yourself a place in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in Italy and get to grips to the quieter, more local parts of Italy!

It’s such a great way to make yourself brush up on your Italian language skills and is a brilliant way to get to meet the locals. Plus, if you ever find rural living too much for you, you’re never too far from a busy city or town wherever you are in Italy.

The Farmhouse In Rome (8)

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2.) Got to France’s Champagne region for harvest time.

9 Beautiful Wine Regions In France You Need To Holiday In (13)

Visiting the champagne region in France is pretty special in and of itself but getting to partake in the harvest is one experience you won’t be forgetting a while! If possible, stay in or close to a champagne house and get stuck in with the harvest. Clearly, the reward for all of this is getting to indulge in endless glasses of champagne in the evenings and throughout the day.

Akin to the Italian farmhouse above, it’s also a brilliant way to hone those French language skills as you mingle with the locals in scenarios you otherwise wouldn’t find yourself in.

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3.) Do a road trip across Italy (in a rickshaw).

Fine, it doesn’t have to be a rickshaw, you can use other means but the rickshaw is one of the best ways to truly enjoy travelling across Italy as you truly get to slow down (you have to, you can only go so fast and can’t be on the motorways) and get to see so many parts of Italy you’d otherwise never have seen. And don’ t get me started on the amazing food you’ll find this way too! *licks lips*

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4.) See the midnight sun

10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Lofoten Islands In Norway (20)

For this, you need to head up North – Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland… doesn’t matter which one you choose, just go and see this amazing sight this summer!

The Trek To The Highest Point In Geiranger, Dalsnibba...(And The Best View Of The Geirangerfjord) (1)

The return to the same spot again in winter to check out the amazing Northern Lights (places that get midnight sun tend to be the same ones that get the Northern Lights). It’s such a surreal experience to have in summer and definitely one worth adding to your travel plans.

5.) Drive across the coast of Portugal.

24 Hours In Lagos And Sagres In The Algarve, Portugal (21)

Portugal has one of the most dramatic coasts across all of Europe and a trip here is incomplete without visiting the coastline!

Seriously, if you’ve never been – you need to start looking into booking a trip here as not only is the coast here dramatic and beautiful, the beaches here are pretty spectacular (with some even being clothing optional – if you’re into that sort of thing of course. 😉 )

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6.) Go on a German castle hunt

19 Fairytale Castles In Germany You Have To Visit (9)

There are so many amazing castles dotted all over Germany, though a pretty good area to start in would probably be around Bavaria.

The best thing to do with this one is to book a few nights in different stops, use them as a base and venture out in a car/by train to check out some of the most epic castles in all of Europe.

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7.) Go on a wine tasting holiday

24 Hours In Bordeaux, France (12)

Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter where you do this in Europe – just go! There are so many amazing wine regions all over Europe with some understandably being more popular than others.

If there’s any advice I’d give here, it’s not to base your decision solely based on popularity. We’ve found out first hand that there are so many places you’d never considered going on a wine tasting holiday that have turned out to be absolutely amazing hidden gems so try to be flexible and just go with an open mind to learn as much as possible about (and drink) wine!

8.) Do a Mediterranean island vacation

The Mediterranean is Europe’s sunshine zone and the islands here are the perfect spots to make the most of this!  Don’t overthink this one – just pick an island that catches your fancy and head out there for a fun, relaxed week in the sun.

This Is Your Oasis Of Calm In Ibiza - Soulshine Yoga Retreat (22)

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9.) Go somewhere you’ve never heard of before

Hop aboard those flight comparison sites – Google flights, Momondo, Skyscanner…etc and just book yourself the cheapest flights heading to somewhere you’ve never been before. This harkens to our days of travelling back when we were students and I can’t tell you how many travel gems we’ve found this way. (Here’s looking at your Nimes, Carcassonne and Gdansk).

Every so often, you’ll also find places you’ve always wanted to visit popping up on some pretty amazing deals so it’s always worth being as flexible and as open-minded as possible when it comes to booking your summer holidays in Europe!

The Beautiful Old Town Of Gdansk In Poland | PART 2 (32)

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