On the way back home from Pisa, we decided to stop at the nearby hilltop town of San Miniato, a beautiful place recommended by our friend Gabriele (he’s from Sicily in Italy) when we went around Italy last year. Last time we visited, we spent a very short amount of time here but this time, … Continue Reading

Arriving at the very first stop on our Italian road trip ended up being much later than we’d anticipated. Between the stops everywhere for photos and general tomfoolery, we ended up arriving around 9.30 pm. At this point, all I could think was “I hope Italian restaurants are open till quite late” (I kinda thought … Continue Reading

Yeah, I can’t tell you how many times I had to try to be able to remember that full name of that village – and that’s after I actually got round to pronouncing the whole thing in one go. It’s such a mouthful! We saw Civitella in Val di Chiana from a distance away (remember … Continue Reading

As we mentioned briefly in this post here, we’re in Italy! Italy is such a favourite of mine and a big dream I’ve harboured for the longest time was to stay in a Tuscan farmhouse in the middle of the countryside and soak in some of that Italian ‘La Dolce Vita‘ (The Sweet Life). The original … Continue Reading

This is one of those posts that you’re gonna need a pretty huge cuppa tea, some biscuits or perhaps even a scone or two slathered with clotted cream and (strawberry) jam to go with the post as it is rather ‘picture heavy’ so I’ll give you a minute or two to get yourself prepared. All … Continue Reading

We arrived in Florence ridiculously late. We’d been so distracted by San Miniato (and that sunset) and ended up spending a few hours winding through the Tuscan mountains in the dark until we got to our hotel for the night. It was pretty cold up in the mountains and suddenly, the t-shirt and shorts combo … Continue Reading

Italian sunsets are the stuff legends are made of. We managed to prove this over and over again on our road trip across Italy but the very first time we saw this was perhaps the most unexpected of them all. For years, I’d harboured this dream of driving across Tuscany with no real aim but … Continue Reading

I’ve wanted to take this trip across Italy for quite a while and one of the grand ideas I had about it before we finally went on the trip was about driving through Tuscany! Those rolling hills went hand it in hand with daydreams of myself eating as much pizza and gelato as I could … Continue Reading

After our day in Lake Como, we left our hotel in Milan in search of what would be our new home for the next week – our very own Tuscan farmhouse! Our farmhouse was located pretty much on its own (with no neighbours so to speak) about halfway between San Miniato and San Gimignano and … Continue Reading

The last time we were in Italy on a road trip (in a rickshaw), one place we really wanted to visit was San Gimignano. We had lots of people recommend it on Instagram and Facebook yet for some reason or the other, we never quite made it to San Gimignano. Well, this time, we had … Continue Reading

Hands down, Tuscany is easily one of the best places in Italy to visit – especially if you love a good mix of historic towns, rolling hills and the most delicious food and vineyards that you can’t miss. Tuscany is totally special and perfect for a road trip around the region, or even a city … Continue Reading

Montepulciano was one of the best finds on our trip across Italy. It was one of those places we decided to pop into just a few minutes before we set off for the day and it was such a brilliant call. Even before we hit the town itself, it was nigh impossible not to stop … Continue Reading