Pulpit Rock In Norway is just incredible and the perfect place to hike. šŸš¶ā€ā™‚ļø

Towering an almighty 2,000 feet (610 Metres) high,Ā Preikestolen (or Pulpit rock as many people call it) is one challenge that we had always wanted to accomplishĀ while in Norway.

The fjords themselves have always captured my imaginations, their dramatic landscapes, beautiful lakes and quaint little villages always seems so inviting to me.

This year, we went on a great adventure from beautiful Bergen toĀ FlĆ„m on the most magical train journey, The FlĆ„msbana. If I’m honest, I really imagined that our last journey to FlĆ„m would have left me satisfied – but no… If anything, it only made me want to explore so much more of the beautiful Norwegian landscape. Thankfully, our adventure upĀ Pulpit rock came in no time at all šŸ¤£

Pulpit Rock, Norway: How To Get there

One of the closest airports to Pulpit Rock is in Stavanger, a city in Rogaland County on the southwestern tip of Norway. ReachingĀ the baseĀ of Ā Pulpit Rock can be a little tricky but becomes much easier if you have a car.

We took a drive from Stavanger itself and hopped onboard one of the local transit ferries from Stavanger to Tau. It was a short 25-minute journey and a good time to stock up on some energy-boosting snacks and a hot chocolate.

Pulpit Rock, Norway: The Climb

We started a little later in the evening, which has its positives and negatives. Firstly, the trail was so much quieter and once we had reached Pulpit Rock we managed to have the whole “ledge” to ourselves – that alone was worth going a little later on…

… the downside would be the lighting, by the time we reached the summit, the evening had turned to dusk. Admittedly, it didn’t seem to get dark until midnight but its something work considering if you’re planning a late evening hike.

Pulpit Rock, Norway: Be Prepared

Like we did on the ferry, stock up on lots of high energy, slow releasing snacks. Take some nuts, bananas and something that will release energy fast (and slow) – nobody likes a dizzy ascent.Ā Wearing a good quality boot, coat and thermals is a must during the colder months. Also, be prepared for fast changing weather conditions especially around snow or rain.

Pulpit Rock, Norway: What does it cost?

Nothing, just some sheer determination to climb Pulpit Rock and to see the Lyse Fjord šŸ¤—

Pulpit Rock, Norway: Fitness level

You don’t need to be an Olympian to conquer Pulpit Rock but you do need a little perseverance, stamina and determination to hike when your legs become a little weary.

Ten minutes of exercises before you start your hike will allow your muscles to stretch and prepare your legs for the hike ahead. Throughout the hike, take lots of little breaks rather than one big one and pair these breaks with milestones distances – even include a few delicious treats that will give you energy along your way.

Once you reach the top

Like every hike, safety has to be paramount on theĀ Preikestolen plateau there are no barriers whatsoever so take care. Be careful and take note of the wind – the wind has a tendency to change quickly when at higher altitudes orĀ around ravines.

Finally, enjoy the moment! The views at the top of Pulpit rock is spectacular. Take a moment to enjoy the view and relax, it’s a truly beautiful place.

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