UPDATE: Our Instagram Account is “HandLuggageOnly“. It’s now been fully restored with the kind help of Instagram. Phew!

Yikes! Our instagram account just got hacked and we can’t get our account back! Bummer!!! Our new account is now available at “HLOBlog“.

We’ve tried everything in our power to get it back but at this point, judging by stuff we’ve read on the interwebs, we’ve given up on ever recovering it back. If you have any tips on how to recover hacked instagram accounts, please do let us know.

Note to self, set more secure passwords! 🙂

To be honest, we’re in South Africa on Safari at the moment and even though, this account means so much to us, we’ve got a decent distraction from it… and a while lotta photos to put up! 🙂

Catch you soon on our new instagram @HLOBlog soon, right? 🙂

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