We all know what we want out of different holidays and it is safe to say that this varies from individual to individual however on a beach holiday, I think most of us can agree on what makes certain beaches better than the other. My motivation behind this has been a rather intense search for beaches to go to in Singapore (of which there are surprisingly very very very VERY few but the proper ones that are available are absolutely amazing) which of course led to thinking of best beaches in the world to go to.

This is a list of sheer indulgent places to visit and a way to start to put together travel plans so if you have been or plan on going on a beach holiday soon, do let us know what your favourite beach is! If you have photo evidence of said beach, please add it to the Disqus comments box below or leave us a comment on Facebook! 🙂 Thanks!!!

– First off – the general weather (no one wants to go on a beach holiday in Antarctica for obvious reasons so it’s a foregone conclusion that it has to be sunny and warm)

– Next the ‘sandiness‘ – fine sands always trumps rocky beaches! ALWAYS!!! 🙂 I’m pretty sure most people prefer smooth clean sand that’s easy to walk on and softly massages your feet than walking in perpetual fear of stubbing your toes on hard rock.

– The water quality and temperature. Simple rules here – clear water always wins (preferably the nicest shade of blue or aquamarine). Brown water is no! Temperature-wise – we want water that’s nicely warm and you don’t even have to think twice when you walk in. Water that makes you feel like you might catch pneumonia at any point is a big NO.

Based on the above, these are the beaches that have won the battle of the beaches in our opinion! We’ve been to a couple and those we haven’t been to, we look forward to ticking them off the list of places to visit! 🙂

The World's 5 Best Beaches! (4)

1.) Langkawi Island, Malaysia

The World's 5 Best Beaches! (1)

2.) Bora Bora Pearl Beach, Tahiti

The World's 5 Best Beaches! (5)

3.) Polihale Beach, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

The World's 5 Best Beaches! (3)

4.) Miami South Beach, Florida, USA: Special note – This would not have made the list typically as there are prettier beaches out there but this is an amazing beach for so many reasons – people watching, a general excitement in the air, great places to party in after having fun on the beach and fantastic sunsets! It’s an all purpose beach location that boasts of a great beach rarely ever found in truly vibrant cities.

The World's 5 Best Beaches! (2)

5.) Baia do Sancho, Brazil

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