Sicily is an incredible island to explore when visiting Italy. From the main cities of Palermo and Catania to the beautiful hilltop settlements like Notto; Sicily has something for every type of traveller. Though, don’t think Sicily is just about its towns and cities. There are heaps of the best beaches in Sicily dotted all across the island. 

This all makes Sicily one incredible island to visit when exploring the south of Italy

So, after exploring all the epic places to see in Sicily, make sure to leave ample time for the island’s top beaches. There are some world-class beaches, which are beautiful for a day in the Mediterranean sun. 

Take a look, below, at the top beaches in Sicily that I just know you’ll love. Have an amazing time exploring Italy. 

1.) Tonnara di Scopello

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Tonnara di Scopello

West of Palermo, Tonnara di Scopello is around a 1-hour drive from the city and worth visiting for a day trip. After driving to the area, park (in this spot) and head over to the shoreline itself. You do need to pay a daily rate to park your car (around 10 Euro in summer), so make sure you have change with you. 

Now, the beach area itself is relatively small, but the historic fishing spot is so quaint and well worth visiting for a slow afternoon. We love how quaint and small this is; but be prepared, it can get quite busy in the peak summer times. 

Afterwards, hop into La Cialoma. Their freshly cooked lobster is delicious. 

If you’re looking for a larger beach, head over to nearby Guidaloca Beach. Here, you’ll find a few beachfront restaurants and loungers that you can rent on the beach.  

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2.) Scala dei Turchi (Stair of the Turks)

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Scala dei Turchi Turkish Steps

Nestled on the coastline at Porto Empedocle, Scala dei Turchi (Stair of the Turks) is one of the best beaches in Sicily that’s unique. 

You see, the geological marl makes for a completely distinctive landscape that’s incredibly beautiful to see. Now, this point here doesn’t have a sandy beach in the traditional sense; but it’s one spot you don’t want to miss. 

Altertntiaverly, pop into Porto Empedocle itself. Here, you’ll find Porto Empedocle Beach which has sandy shores and is totally easy to access. 

The wider area is popular for its dramatic coastal scenery and its rich history, Porto Empedocle is a Sicilian town named after an Ancient Greek philosopher. Once a port of Agrigento during the medieval era, Porto Empedocle is now a famous coastal getaway for Agrigento.

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Scala dei Turchi Turkish Steps

Make sure you relax with the beautiful sea view and the artistic medieval streets found in the area. When it comes to nature, enjoy the golden sand of the beach and the unique rock formation called the Stair of the Turks.

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3.) Taormina

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Isola Bella Taormina

Despite the buildings hugging. the Mediterranean shoreline, there’s still a gorgeous beach and island to relax and take a dip. 

Of course, you’re going to visit Spiaggia di Isola Bella; this is the best beach in the region; but be aware that it can be busy. 

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Isola Bella Taormina

If you want more space, Movida Beach is a much longer stretch where you’ll also find beach clubs and restaurants, too. It’s still as popular, but there’s much more space. 

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4.) Cefalu

Best Places In Sicily To Visit

Meanwhile, on the north coast of Sicily, you will find Cefalu. At the foot of the historic old town is a long sandy beach which will allow you to sightsee while having a nice time at the beach.

The stone streets, Norman cathedral, Corso Ruggero and the fishing harbour are some of the nice things you get to see when visiting the place. Cefalu also offers a wide range of water activities and sports like sailing cruises and snorkelling, so if you’re up for these excursions, Cefalu is perfect.

Best of all, you can also rent loungers so you don’t need to cart everything to the beach. 

Also, if you’re visiting from Palermo, book this half-day tour to Cefalu and Monreale. It’s a great way to experience this side of Sicily if you’re choosing not to drive. 

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5.) San Vito Lo Capo

Considered one of the best beaches in Sicily, San Vito Lo Capo is stunning to visit. Even the journey to San Vito Lo Capo is an interesting and beautiful experience. The views are just breathtaking.

Not only is the beach lovely at San Vito Lo Capo, but the wider region is stunning too. You see, it’s surrounded by mountainous terrain, and there are vineyards, open fields, and olive groves revealing whitewashed, seaside homes. 

When you visit San Vito Lo Capo, take time to enjoy its crystal-clear waters and fine white sands together with its lofty palms. You can just lounge at the beach or enjoy the plenty of sea life you can find near the grottos and coves. Though, always be cautious of rip tides which can be quite strong in this area of Sicily. 

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6.) Mondello

If you just want a very quick trip and escape from the bustling streets of Palermo, then take a dip in Mondello.

You can reach the place within 40 minutes if you ride the bus (and much less by taxi). It’s wonderful white sand and the shallow shoreline are great for a little dip.

Way back when Mondello was initially a marshland with fishermen (like lots of towns in Sicily). However, Mondello is much more popular today and is a nice swim spot that both locals and visitors go to.

You can also sightsee the Liberty-style villas found in Mondello. The seafront promenade is another thing to enjoy in the place as you choose from the wide selection of seafood.

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7.) Fontane Bianche

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Fontane Bianche

If you get to visit the southern part of Sicily, near Syracuse, you will be able to see where the waters of the Mediterranean meet those of the Ionian Sea.

Fontane Bianche Beach is stunning and the paler-coloured waters are totally beautiful on a very sunny day. 

Now, this place is not highly developed but still has lots of amenities and loungers to rent. So, if you are looking for somewhere to relax, then it’s the place for you.

The beach offers some facilities like a restaurant close by and showers. Though, I found the food a little unremarkable here. 

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8.) Aeolian Islands

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Lipari

Technically not Sicily at all; but I couldn’t not mention the beautiful Aeolian Islands. 

Mostly uncrowded, the Aeolian Islands are quite hard to reach, with most boats leaving from Milazzo.

Most services are offered by the largest island which is Lipari. However, if you’re a nature lover, Salina is more fit for you. Meanwhile, Panarea is more for the lively spot. But the main thing they all have in common is that they’re beautiful.

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Bay of Panarea Aeolian Islands

However be aware, that there’s only one easy-to-reach beach at Zimmari Bay on the Island of Panarea. Once here, you can rent a small motorboat to stroll around the place as you choose the island you want to visit. 

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9.) Calamosche

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Calamosche

Best reached by cycling or driving, Vendicari Nature Reserve is worth the effort and sweat when you get to the place. You will find a dirt track signed for an Agriturismo. Oh, and you have to pay at the booth before walking towards the main area. So, make sure to make some changes. 

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Calamosche Vendicari

Once you’ve arrived, enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and a nice cove; though there’s not much in terms of facilities here. So, make sure to take drinks, food and sunblock with you.

Best of all, Calamosche doesn’t get too crowded. This makes it one of the best beaches in Sicily if you want lots of space for yourself.

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10.) Cala Rossa

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Cala Rossa Punta Canneddi

Cala Rossa is a very fine and beautiful sandy beach where you can beautiful and calm waters that are perfect to explore when sailing over from Trapani. 

Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Best Beaches In Sicily To Visit Cala Rossa Favignana Aegadian Boat

Located on Favignana island, you just need to hop on the ferry and you’ll be there in no time at all. Well, 30 minutes to be precise. 

After arriving on Favignana island, head over to Cala Rossa which is on the northeast coast of the island. It’s wonderful and even better if you stay overnight in Favignana.  

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