Snow has the power to turn even the most hectic and busiest of scenes into something of a picturesque fairy tale location and New York City is no exception when it comes to this! Randomly found these photos that truly prove that New York City transforms and becomes this magical destination when covered in a wintery blanket of snow!

New York is one of my favourite cities to visit yet I seems to visit during the warmer seasons and now I think I’ve missed a trick by not visiting New York over winter and it seems like it might be time to see what winter in New York truly offers…

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Found your site yesterday and I am loving it! I am planning my 3rd trip to new york, and it’ll be my 2nd time in february! The snow sure make things even more special!
Again, great work with your site!


Thanks so much Natàlia, you’re so right – NYC is such a special place! Wow, the photos are incredible – we love a good bit of snow and sunny skies… it always makes the city seem so majestic and magical.

Thanks so much for your kind words! You made our evening!

Lloyd & Yaya xx

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