I have to admit – prior to arriving in Sri Lanka for the first time, I had no idea the vast amount of amazing sights there were to see in Sri Lanka… or even how many of them were official UNESCO World Heritage sites! Then there’s how old they are – some of these places are like over 3,000 years old!

More than anything though, Sri Lanka was just so much fun! It’s such a unique place to visit and a rather friendly one too. The four of us visited after the Maldives (its only an hour away) and as soon as we left, I knew I had to return to the country again (which we did several months later). Here’s the video from our first time in Sri Lanka!


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8 Amazing Things To Do In Sri Lanka


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I am heading to Sri Lanka this year. It’s great to see someone elses perspective, thank you!!


You’re in for a treat Kate! Sri Lanka was so much fun (we went back a second time last year and it was still as amazing as the first time).


Great video Bro. There are lots and lots of things to do in Sri Lanka. Have you checked the Yala safari, North coast beaches, a boat ride on Hikkaduwa lake?


Thanks so much! We will have to next time.

Lloyd & Yaya 🙂

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