Let’s start by saying our trip to Quebec was incredible, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Canada to visit and the perfect province for a road trip. Taking in spots like Montreal, Quebec City and gorgeous places like Sacacomie it’s an area that has the best of both worlds; amazing cities and the great outdoors, with the latter including some of the best hikes in Quebec that are too good to miss! 

With heaps of glacial valleys, mountain retreats and coastal coves, there are so many stunning hikes dotted all across the province. So, to get a good footing for Quebec, we wanted to share some of our favourite spots to hike across the state. 

To make things easier, we’ve popped in a range of hikes; some for the pros but some for those that are new to hiking, too. This way, you’re guaranteed to find a fair few that you’ll love. 

Now, as with any hike, it’s important to follow all trails responsibly and take the necessary precautions. Always check with Parks Canada if you’re unsure of regional rules or precautions to watch out for. After all, no one likes a reckless hiker. 

Best Hikes In Quebec (1)

Anyway, enough rambling on, take a look at some of the best hikes in Quebec that are dotted all across the province. Have the best trip! 

1.) Sacacomie Trails,  Saint-Alexis-des-Monts

Exploring Sacacomie - Quebec's Stunning 'Hidden' Gem (36)

With well over 60 km of hiking trails around the forests, you’ll be in for a total treat in Sacacomie and wider Saint-Alexis-des-Monts. We decided to stay in this area overnight and totally loved exploring the forest trails here. 

Just around the area is the Lake Gorges Loop that’s over 7 km in length (with some gorgeous lakeside views). Just be sure to wear good hiking boots as the terrain can get muddy here. 

Afterwards, you can check into the Sacacomie Hotel for a little relaxation and chill in their cosy cabin rooms. Bliss

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2.) Sentier Bras-du Nord Trail, Bras-du-Nord Valley

Best Hikes In Quebec (4)

Located in the Vallee Bras du Nord (Saint Raymond) this is one of the more popular trails and best hikes in Quebec if you fancy a little bit of a challenge. 

Technically a moderate trail (but can be pretty tough at points) the Sentier Bras-du Nord Trail is around 12km from start to finish. The one great thing about this trail is you get a heap of diversity along the way. From the iconic Delaney Falls (a magnificent site to see) to the river walkways and steeper inclines. It’s stunning.

Just one thing, if you do visit in the colder winter months, be sure to bring crampons with you; the route can get slippy. 

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3.) Ile Nue de Mingan, Mingan Archipelago National Park

Best Hikes In Quebec (15)

Perched between mainland Quebec and Anticosti Island, Ile Nue de Mingan is the kind of place that’s just as much about the journey as it is about the island. 

Located in the Mingan Archipelago National Park, this moderate-paced walk takes you on an 8-km loop around the island but don’t feel stretched to walk the whole island. It can be tough if you’re on a pre-defined tour with a limited amount of time.

Known as the barrens, and totally unique, this is one of the best hikes in Quebec that’s pretty “off the grid”. With towering glacial rock formations known as monoliths, you’ll get to wander the shoreline and secluded bays that are filled with tundra and budding wildflowers (in the spring).

Best Hikes In Quebec (8)

Now, this is a very delicate environment, so be sure to stay on any of the trails you choose to follow.

Oh, and if you need some help in getting to the Mingan Islands, head over to Parks Canada that have recognised tour operators that run boats. Have fun! 

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4.) Mont Tremblant Trails, Mont Tremblant National Park

Best Hikes In Quebec (9)

The great thing about Mont Tremblant is that there’s a heap of trails for all tastes, skills and abilities. This makes the national park one of the best places to explore that’s within easy reach of Montreal (around a 95-minute drive).  

Now, Mont Tremblant is the highest point in the Laurentian Mountains and almost a must-hike if you’re up for a challenge. At the top, you will find a panoramic view of the Laurentian range (that’s totally gorgeous, by the way).

For instance, the Le Vertigo Trail is around 11-km in length and a great hike on a weekend trip. Just be sure to pack good waterproof shoes; the trail can be muddy.

Best Hikes In Quebec (12)

As I said, Mont Tremblant’s trails may be some of the best hikes in Quebec but there’s also a fully-fledged (and pretty epic) ski resort, too.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, rent some ski gear, get yourself onto the runs and swoosh down the powdery slopes

It’s so much fun (even if I always end up with a bruised bum).

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5.) Liberator’s Belvedere Trail, Montcalm Regional Park 

Getting Lost In Nature (And With Beavers) In Quebec, Canada (10)

First up, Montcalm Park is pretty vast, so make sure you plan which parts of the park you want to visit before arriving.

You see, you don’t want to waste time when you arrive, especially with this area having some of the best hikes in Quebec! 

Getting Lost In Nature (And With Beavers) In Quebec, Canada (29)

Now, there are loads of trails for all different abilities – so, choose the right trail for you and explore some of the iconic (sometimes underrated) spots.

That being said, the Liberator’s Belvedere Trail (Le Belvedere du Liberator) is a pretty challenging 12-km hike that’s great for a day! 

Getting Lost In Nature (And With Beavers) In Quebec, Canada (35)

Along the way, you’ll get to wander this unspoilt wilderness that feels a million miles away from Quebec’s cities. It’s beautiful. 

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6.) Montmorency Falls Trails, Quebec City

Best Hikes In Quebec (16)

Located just outside of historic Quebec City, this moderately easy 5-km loop will lead you past Montmorency Falls, which at 83-m tall is higher than Niagara Falls. We had no idea before we arrived! 

Be sure to cross over the suspension bridge and ascend the staircase to capture the best views! This is also a very popular hike in the winter and looks so festive in the snow.

Whilst here, take the Panoramic Staircase (nearly 500 steps), Cliffside Boardwalk Trail or the Juillet Trail which are all relatively easy if you have a relatively good fitness level. 

Of course, you can’t go to Montmorency Falls without exploring the best places in Quebec city! With its historic centre and citadel area and yummy french-Canadian dishes, you’ll be totally spoiled for choice.

Oh, and if you need a sumptuous place to rest your head, check into the iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. It’s stunning; we loved it here. 

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7.) Deux-Criques Trail, La Mauricie National Park

Best Hikes In Quebec (13)

Located in La Mauricie National Park, the Deux-Criques Trail is one of the best hikes in Quebec if you’re looking for a serious challenge. You see, the trail is a fairly strenuous and lengthy trail (over 16 km) that can even be tiring for experienced hikers.

Typically taking around 5-7 hours to complete, be sure to get an early start to ensure you are not rushed (or running before nightfall).

Best Hikes In Quebec (14)

Along the trail, you’ll pass a heap of smaller waterfalls, creeks and get some whopping lakeside views. That being said, the true treat is some from the various lookouts that are strategically placed along the trail.

Across the trail, these lookouts offer spectacular views of the forest below, and many even have benches to allow for extended periods of chill (my favourite) and a packed lunch (equally, my favourite).

8.) Les Caps Trails, Saguenay Fjord National Park 

Best Places In Quebec To Visit (10)

When we think of fjords, most of us think of Scandinavia, right? Well, Quebec also has its fair share of stunning vistas and valleys that are so dramatic to see.

Located in Saguenay Fjord National Park, the Caps Trails has some majestic views that give Europe some stiff competition.

This moderately-difficult hike is an approximately 18-km round trip (so not for beginners) and can be tough. So, be sure to allow an entire day (or longer) to make the trek in different stages.

Along the way, you’ll get some spectacular views of Saguenay at the best lookout on the trail, Cap Eternite.

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9.) Pink Lake Trail, Gatineau Park

Best Hikes In Quebec (11)

Located in Gatineau Park, this is an excellent hike for anyone who wants to get an awesome viewpoint without a strenuous hiking trail.

A popular day hike located a mere two hours drive from Montreal, you are led to the shores of Pink Lake, which is actually a vibrant aquamarine colour that’s so stunning to see.

Once here, you’ll quickly realise how good a spot this is to just stop and take in the scenery. It’s beautiful.

Be on the lookout for Frites Aloha, a food truck that offers some spectacular grab-and-go food, such as poutine which I just can’t resist! It’s the perfect carby treat after a hike. 

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10.) Le Mont Megantic, Mont Mégantic National Park

Best Hikes In Quebec (5)

This 10-km loop trail is fairly difficult (and not for the faint-hearted), yet it is well worth the aching legs and sweat to reach the summit.

Not only does the top offer an absolutely spectacular view of the surrounding Mont Megantic National Park, but it also has a famous Astrolab to boot. Here, you will have the opportunity to gaze at the stars and planets while observing many different displays within the building.

For a relatively easy hike in Mont Megantic, hop on the 7-km Ourse Trail that’ll take less than 3-hours to complete.

Whatever area of the national park you choose, you’ll easily find a trail suited to your abilities. There are so many.

11.) Gorge Canyon Trail, Gorge Park

Best Hikes In Quebec (10)

The Gorge Canyon Trail is totally easy to follow, with the trail heading through some of the area’s most gorgeous spots. 

Moderately easy-paced, it leads you across the longest suspension footbridge in all of North America that’s pretty epic to see! 

Best Hikes In Quebec (2)

While it may not be ideal for those who suffer from vertigo (you will get wobbly legs), the views are absolutely unbelievable.

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12.) Le Pic Champlain, Bic National Park

Best Hikes In Quebec (7)

Just over 6 km in length, Le Pic Champlain is one of the best hikes in Quebec.

This is especially true if you’re road-tripping from Quebec City, following the St Lawrence River, to Gaspe as it’s a perfect stopping point for an overnight stay. 

Best Hikes In Quebec (6)

Relatively easy for experienced hikers, it’s the kind of trail that’s perfect for an early morning jaunt. 

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