Copenhagen is a foodie lovers dream that’ll send any hungry tummy into overdrive! Over the last decade, Copenhagen has really pioneered their culinary prowess- making it one of the most delicious capital cities to visit in Europe…

…though, it’s gotta be said, you don’t have to dine Michelin Star or spend a pretty penny to find a good bite to eat in this fair city.

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen food hall Market (3)

From the deliciousness that is Paper Island, Copenhagen (with their worldly cuisines and unique stalls) to Torvehallerne you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to find some place here that’ll drive your hunger monster into overdrive.

Good ol’ Simon Algren‘s back again with some rather delicious tips for the best treats to have in Copenhagen! Simon’s as obsessed with food as we are and we can always count on his recommendations on the best places to eat in. Take a look at Simon’s best places to eat at while visiting the beautiful food market of Torvehallerne in Copenhagen.

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen food hall Market



What is Torvehallerne?

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen food hall Market (2)

Torvehallerne is a buzzing food hall smack-bang in the city centre of Copenhagen. Close to the busy Nørreport Street and the pristine lakes, it’s the perfect place where you can grab a handful of delicious treats to watch the sun go down on popular Dronning Louises Bridge.


What’s inside Torvehallerne?

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The world is your oyster… well, the market is, at least! There’s everything from fresh fish stands, local butcher stalls, seasonal vegetables, alcoholic beverages and moorish ready-to-eat meals.

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One of the key points of  Torvehallerne is that they specialise in selling some of the freshest products that aren’t often found in ‘run-of-the-mill’  markets. One of the best surprises about Torvehallerne is that it actually has two main halls specialising in different types groceries, small restaurants, take out places, kitchen knickknacks or the most precious of nectars – wine! 😉

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Fresh food: Visit Hav for fresh fish! 

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen food hall Market

Some of the best raw ingredient stalls are made up from fresh fish and with the Danish coastline being less than 10km (7 miles) away – what else would you expect? A firm favourite little stall here in Torvehallerne has to be Hav, which in Danish means ‘the sea’.

Selling lots of different fish and shellfish the team behind Hav will help you choose the right fish for you (and your friends to enjoy) – they’ll even tell you how to cook it! 🙂

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Fresh food: Pick up some nosh at the Butcher Shop!

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Next up is the first butcher shop a French butcher selling ham, patés, duck, goose and chicken. They have done a great job with the place, making it look and feel as authentic as possible and they offer a wide variety of French specialities to the hungry and travelling.


Fresh food: Go organic at the Ecological Butcher…
Another butcher worth mentioning is the organic and ecological butcher. They have some beautiful cuts of meat, veal, pork, chicken and even more – their staff always recommend the very best meats and will answer any question about the source of their products.


Fresh food: Cook Mediterranean at the Turkish Butcher

Last but not less important is the delicious Turkish Butcher! Here, you will find lots of fresh cuts of lamb, veal and chicken – which can even be bought ready spiced!  It’s a perfect place to buy your meats in the summer months, especially if you’re planning a summer BBQ or outdoor feast!


Don’t forget vegetables and flowers! 

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Beyond meats and shellfish, there are literally tens of stalls that offer some of the juiciest and colourful fruits in all of Copenhagen, take a wander through the the halls and discover some of the fresh spices, cheese mongers and the pretty darn moorish Chinese deli!

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen food hall Market (1)

Torvehallerne is also a great place to pick up and discover some of Denmark’s beautiful flowers and potted plants! Many of the flower stalls are just outside the halls themselves and smell totally amazing in the summer months!

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If all that browsing has made your tummy rumble, well take a bite outta one of these delicious foody stalls!

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Gorm’s pizza heaven! 

Grab a slice of homemade pizza at Gorm’s, it really is pizza heaven! It’s a perfect little stall to satisfy your hangry self, especially with their (just baked) thin & crusty buns and seasonal toppings.


Tapas your tastebuds…

Tapa del Toro is casual sit down stall, where you can enjoy some moorish tapas, good conversation and a delicious array of wines. Predominantly focused on The Basque Country cuisine (see more on visiting the Basque Country here), Tapa del Toro will being your tastebuds alive with some delicious Pintxos made from vegetables, meat, fish and freshly baked breads.


Sweet-tooth delights at Summerbird! 

Summerbird is Denmark’s best chocolatier – and it’s easy to see why once you’ve had a taste! In Denmark Summerbird is known for it’s extremely high quality chocolate, truffles and yeah just about anything covered or mixed with chocolate that your heart and tastebuds can imagine! Don’t forget to try some whilst you’re at the market!


Coffee fix?

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen food hall Market (4)

If you’re a coffee lover, hands down, you’ve got to try the Coffee Collective! Let your nose and the aroma of coffee guide you to their market stall to discover (arguably) some of the best coffee in all of Denmark! Top tip: try their syrup sweetened coffees that are out-of-this-world delicious!

There really are so many places to fill your tummy…

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