You might have already seen the blog posts from our recent trip to the Nordics… If you have, then you don’t need much introduction to this video – it is essentially the video diary from our time in the Nordics (also known to some as Scandinavia). If you haven’t, then fret not – the links are included below to help you catch up! 🙂

In any case, I finally got round to editing the video (I always feel like this calls for a “Whoop! Whoop!!!” videos are so much harder to edit than photos and they take forever too).

Without further ado here’s the video from our trip to the Nordics.

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Also, feel free to check out the relevant blog posts and full photo album for our time in the Nordics via the links below:
1.) Stavanger, Tananger And Cod Fishing In Norway!

2.) How To See The Lysefjord AND Get To The Very Edge Of Pulpit Rock In Norway!

3.) Treasure Hunting In Helsinki, Finland!

4.) Loyly, Tintin and Helsinki At Night!

5.) Helsinki – A Photo Diary…

6.) A Morning In Rovio – The Angry Birds HQ!

7.) Photo Updates From Our 48 Hours In The Nordics Challenge!

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