There are lots of amazing cities in Italy to explore. So, to help you find the right city for you, we’ve popped a list of five from the very north to the south of Italy.

Take a look at some places and delve into our much more detailed list of cities in Italy, here. 

1.) Florence

Best Things To Do In Florence (3)

Arguably the best gelatos and pizzas across the land – but then again I’m biased. Florence is the most idyllic Italian holiday destination with an easy pace of life and beautiful sights and history.

And as an extra bonus for Florence, it’s only a little bit over 1 hour away from Pisa.

This all means you can visit Pisa as well when you’re staying in Florence. Pisa’s relatively small so a day trip should be enough to get in the sights, too. 

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2.) Venice

Photos And Postcards From Venice, Italy (9)

The most romantic of the lot, Venice is an incredibly beautiful and impressive city – especially when you really think about how the entire city is built.

The gelatos aren’t too bad either.

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3.) Rome

The Magnificent St Peter's Basilica In The Vatican City, Rome (18)

The capital is a lot faster paced than most of the other cities but with good reason. There are so many sites to see in Rome so pack some comfy walking shoes when you go!

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4.) Milan

Best Things To Do In Milan (23)

Fashion, art and basically Italian chic. Milan is set apart from other Italian cities as the fashion capital of Italy and it truly lives up to that reputation.

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5.) Palermo

A 'Few' Photos From Palermo, Italy... (6)

Palermo is pretty well known for its great food, rich culture and stunning architecture and this is the reason why this comes swooping in at a cool number 5!

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16 Best Cities In Italy To Visit

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