I recently happened upon a place which looks too good to keep just to myself. I was watching Ex-Machina recently and in a theme that has been consistent this year – i.e. my deep love of Norway and it’s amazing natural treasures, I found myself taken with the hotel/house/building featured in the film. The film was good but by the time I finished watching it, I was well and truly in love with The Juvet hotel featured in the movie.

This isn’t a sponsored post, it’s just a place that I liked and wanted to share with you. I guess this post is slightly different from my usual post but I daresay once you see the photos of the The Juvet you’ll see why I had to share this with you.


Where is it?

In a small village called Valldall in Norway. Not much else to say on that front. Oh, it’s built on a farm – not even sure why that’s relevant.

This begs the question – where in the world is Valldall? If you haven’t heard about it before, you’re probably in very decent company. Valldall is a rural village located north of Norddalsfjorden (a spectacular Fjord) in the northwest coast of Norway. It’s not as high as Trondheim but it’s a lot higher than cities like Bergen and Oslo. If you are still intrigued as to where to find it – this is perhaps the point where I would refer you to Google maps as they can pin point it’s location much better than I can attempt to in this post. (You can find it here)


How do I get there?

  1. Fly into Ålesund and drive to the hotel from the airport. This takes approximately 90 minutes and is perhaps the best option.
  2. Take the train from Oslo. This takes approximately 5 hours but with great opportunities to see the countryside. If you’re staying for a longer period of time, the train might be an option to consider but otherwise, I’d recommend going to Ålesund.


How much is it?

It’s gonna cost approximately NOK 1,450 / £114 / €160 / $175 per night – which in my opinion is not bad at all. Prices are the same all year.


It looks familiar. Where have I seen it before?

I already mentioned how The Juvet was featured in the film Ex Machina so this little section here was just to see if you were paying attention at the start! 😉 Check out the trailer here if you need more details or would just like to see what this looks like in a video.


What is there to do here?

  • Relaxing
  • Lots of nature stuff… like hiking. More hiking… and then some more hiking 🙂 Just kidding, there’s so much more outdoorsy stuff other than hiking to do here
  • You could go see the Fjords.
  • Enjoy the view from the comfort of your hotel room. Generally, this looks like the perfect place to come unwind

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