Lots of us take aeroplanes to visit family, explore new places and to visit new countries. That being said, each flight we take has an impact on the environment. Over recent years, there’s been a real push to encourage recycling, more sustainable travel and better ways to care for the earth. This is also happening with each and every aeroplane we take.

Though, one thing to note is that it’s not only an airline or plane manufacturer that can have an impact on making flying more green. Each and every one of us can make our flights greener in a few simple and pretty easy steps.

This is why we wanted to share some of the best ways to make your flights greener and ecologically friendly. After all, we only have one earth so we really should look after it.

Take a look, below, at some simple choices we make that can make our flights more green.

1.)Take longer trips

More and more, we’re all taking stock of the environmental impact of our lives and the choices we make. This is particularly true when it comes to planning your next trip away.

One simple, yet effective, way to limit your carbon footprint is by taking longer trips when you holiday. You see, rather than taking a few weekend trips away; why not hop on one longer trip? This way, you’ll lower the number of times you fly without forgoing an epic holiday.

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2.) Pack Light

The weight of a plane also heavily influences how much fuel is needed to get the flight in the air. This all means that a heavier plane will burn more fuel than a flight that’s lighter. Now, there are easy ways we can all help in this scenario and that’s by packing less.

Instead of packing a full bag to your maximum weight limit, try packing only the essentials you need. For instance, rather than cramming in all your lotions and potions, just take your signature scents. Mine is Armani Code for Men for everyday wear and Versace Pour Homme if I’m off on a swanky evening out.

Not only will this help the environment but it’ll mean it’s less for you to lug around the airport, too.

3.) Choose newer planes

Another way you can fly in a more environmentally friendly way is to choose newer planes to fly on.

For instance, if you fly on a jumbo jet (Boeing 747, that’s been around for around 40 years), it’s likely to be less fuel-efficient than flying on a new Boeing Dreamliner or some of the new Airbus models which have brand spanking new engines, a lighter body and better efficiency.

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4.) Fewer connections

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Another easy way to lower your carbon footprint when you fly is to lower the number of connections you take. You see, the least environmentally friendly stages of a flight are at takeoff and landing. Lots of energy is used in these moments which all contributes to increasing Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

By taking direct flights, you’ll always keep your carbon footprint much lower.

5.) Offset your carbon footprint

If you have to travel by flight, there are also a number of ways you can lower your carbon footprint by offsetting your emissions. There are a number of charities and websites where you can actually put in your flight details and it will calculate how much carbon dioxide you created by flying.

Then, once calculated, they will give you an option to pay a small amount of money to help plant forests to combat your flight.

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6.) Airline choice

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Now, you might be wondering how an airline choice can actually change your carbon footprint. Well, there are lots of ways in which airlines are beginning to make travel greener. That being said, some are better than others.

For instance, there are some companies that are launching plastic-free flights form next year. Also, flights that use reusable glass and cutlery is much more environmentally friendly than the mass of plastic we’re often all used to during lunch on flights.

Check an airlines website and see the ways they’re doing their bit in looking after the planet.

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