This is gonna be really quick… or at least I’m gonna try to make it a quick one. 🙂

You might (or might not) have noticed the radio silence from us on the blog the last few days and there’s a reason behind that. We’ve been getting ourselves a little upgrade – not one that you can see but hopefully one that you can feel.

We’re so grateful to having been able to grow over the last few months but like a chicken trying to carry an elephant, our website host was struggling to keep up with the increase in traffic and there were moments there where it just gave way entirely. Even when it came back up, it just got slower and slower and so we decided it was time to jump ships and go for a new dedicated host!

*The traffic growth sounds like a ‘humble brag’ but trust me, it really isn’t. 🙂 It’s so frustrating having the website crash or run slowly – especially so when there was nothing I could do myself about it. The 1st time – I could deal with, even the 2nd of 3rd time were ‘manageable’ but by the umpteenth time, all you could hear were muffled screaming into throw cushions by Lloyd and myself in frustration with the situation.

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What does this mean? Well hopefully, you’ll notice that the site should be faster, easier to load and generally easier to use. We’re so excited we’re even considering a facelift to the site (though one step at a time, I reckon).

I do need to ask a favour though, if you do notice any problems, or issues now that we’ve changed, please can you pop us a quick note? You can leave it in the comments below or even send us an email if you wanna do it privately (Our email form and address is available on our contact page here). I know its a big ask but I promise to do the same for you too if you need it. 😉 🙂

In other news, we’re in Barcelona so snapchat right now is all about this gem of city! (We’re at @HandLuggageOnly).

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