I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit Bermuda to check out all the amazing things to do. It truly was an epic trip! 

Direct flights do operate from the UK (London) with British Airways. However, I decided to make a little stop in the US and break my flight time up slightly, still with BA and their partner airline, American Airlines.

This also ensured that I could create my own twin-centre vacation (the second destination will feature in an upcoming post I cant wait to share with you).


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Bermuda is a small Island, in the Atlantic Ocean.

Although not readily considered as part of the Caribbean, Bermuda shares so much of what makes many Caribbean Islands so tempting.

From beautiful weather, serene beaches and crisp clear waters. I stayed in Bermuda for five days, and I assure you I wanted to stay much longer.

Festival days

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My vacation here centred around relaxing, something I must say I enjoy way too much.

There are some great times to visit Bermuda, Around independence day in May is a great time to experience the culture and celebration on the island.


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Throughout my time in Bermuda, I took public transport, enjoyed eating out and really did just begin to unwind!


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Although relatively expensive compared to the majority of the vacations that I take, The Fairmont in Bermuda really did deliver.

A classic, well-presented resort hotel with a beautiful private beach, it is also set in some of the most pristine grounds I have ever seen.

If you are looking to treat yourself to being pampered, try and visit the Fairmont, they really do look after you on a personal level.

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When visiting Bermuda, do try Bermudan Fish Chowder, made with rum.

I actually didn’t like the sound of it but once I tasted it, wow. It was delicious!

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I really did begin to wonder how I would get back to the UK and not have my daily chowder!!!

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Do bear in mind most of the food in Bermuda (whether you buy this at a supermarket or a restaurant) is relatively expensive.

So be prepared for this. Obviously expense is relative but just prepare for higher costs than say London, Oslo or New York etc.

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Around and about in Bermuda

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Bermuda was a great destination to visit, with much wildlife and beautiful beaches.

Hamilton, the capital is also well worth a visit alongside some of the older forts and lighthouse in the southwest of the main island.

Top Tips in Bermuda

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Boating: Rent a skipper if there are a few of you and have lunch and early evening on the open seas. Not that expensive if there is a larger group travelling… and a great treat!

Public Transport: Take Local buses to get around the island in the day, it’s safe, easy to use and reliable  – what more could you need!

Beaches: Certain beaches in Bermuda have strong current due to its geographic location so be aware of this and take precautions. Also, look out not to get stung by the man ‘o’ war.

Drinks: Try a swizzle… I’m not telling you much more except it contains Rum! *Hick* – A great place to get these are at the Swizzle Inn.

Expense: I tried to keep things cheap, but just prepare yourself for the high costs… of nearly everything.

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11 Best Things To Do In Bermuda

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