Birmingham is England’s second biggest city but is often overlooked by visitors and even us Brits. Why, you might ask? Let’s not pretend that none of us gets swayed by the glossy images of London, the quaint towns of the Cotswolds, or the historic charm of Edinburgh for example… even with all the secret spots in Birmingham. From … Continue Reading

This post is promoted by The Sun and we’re all up for it! We’re always on the lookout for accessible ways to travel after all! To be fair though, the idea is not just limited to the UK, you can do it across Europe if you wanna go further afield. I just have lots more … Continue Reading

The hard part’s done; you’ve decided you want to go to Italy and you’ve decided that you’d like to see this by road. Okay, perhaps that’s not the hard part but still, making those decisions is a pretty great start. Now, let us take things from there for you and share our 1-week road trip itinerary … Continue Reading

Spain is such a diverse country to explore! It’s got a heap of history and a load of the best Spanish towns to visit that are dotted all over the country. From the breathtaking heights of Ronda, the stunning Salamanca to the totally delicious vineyards towns in La Rioja; they’re totally stunning to see.  Now, … Continue Reading

I think it’s fair to say that no one really needs an excuse to want to visit the Caribbean, right? 🙂 The Caribbean have long since appealed to travellers across the globe and are becoming increasingly accessible to lots more people which is definitely a great think. Now, you’ve decided you want to go to … Continue Reading

Scotland has it all, especially with all the towns and best cities in Scotland to visit. You see, Scotland is a proper diverse country, with some incredible islands to explore, alongside the most epic hikes within places like the Scottish Highlands. Though, in truth, Scotland is so much more than its stunning nature. Yes, it’s … Continue Reading

Us Brits are proud of our not-so-little island! From the beauty of the Cotswolds, the magnificence of Edinburgh to the quaint charm of Tenby in stunning Wales, there are loads of spots to explore. This is no more true when looking at places to visit on a British road trip. Honestly, there are so many … Continue Reading

The Maldives are the epitome of island paradise and the dream destination of pretty much everyone you ask – seriously, ask anyone around you right now if they’d want to visit the Maldives. 🙂 These pristine, beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean are a haven of natural beauty and one of those places that definitely … Continue Reading

Wales, where do I start? Honestly, for a relatively small country, it packs a mighty big punch when it comes to epic things to do in Wales.  With close to 1,000 miles of coastline, cities like Cardiff, the stunning areas of west Wales and breathtaking castles that dot its landscape. Wales is a totally essential … Continue Reading

After discovering Cape Town recently (where we saw an overload of cute penguins in Boulders Bay, enjoyed the breathtaking coastline of Cape Peninsula and ate our weight in some of Cape Town’s best restaurants), we knew it was only a matter of time before we would have to plot our return to one of the most exciting countries … Continue Reading

Despite having an amazing time just relaxing on the most amazing white sandy beach, we very eagerly hurried away from the beach and headed straight for the dock at the Angsana Ihuru Maldives. Why? Well we had a sunset cruise booked and this was definitely one I’d been looking forward to and had no plans to … Continue Reading

This is the one cable you’ll ever need on your travels and you’ll soon see why. I gotta admit, Kickstarter is something of a traveler’s gem. It’s not the place you’d think to look at first when planning your travels but every so often, there come some game changers that make it totally worth perusing over … Continue Reading

For such a small country, Denmark packs a hefty punch with all the amazing places to see all across the country. Plus, with places like Copenhagen and the tasty Scandinavian food, there’s a heap of reasons to visit. That being said, if you’ee a total history fiend (like me), you’ll definitely want to explore some … Continue Reading

Croatia is a totally stunning country in Europe to explore. It’s the kind of place that’s filled with the most beautiful places in Croatia and historic cities, like that of Dubrovnik, that is stunning to visit. That being said, there are also a few other things that make Croatia so special; and that’s its islands. … Continue Reading