The likes of the Swedish cities, like Stockholm, is totally amazing but there’s so much more to the country than just its capital city. Not only is there a heap of the best towns in Sweden, but there’s also a heap fo stunning places in Sweden that you kinda can’t miss. Plus, if that wasn’t … Continue Reading

Iceland is a totally stunning country to explore! This is especially true when you’re heading over to see all the best places that are dotted all across the country. That being said, the capital, Reykjavik also has a lovely charm, too and is well worth visiting for a day (or two) whilst on a wider … Continue Reading

Boulders Beach is one of the loveliest places to experience when visiting South Africa, not just because of the cutest little penguins but the amazing work that the South African Government is doing to help the colony of penguins… Aaawww, who am I kidding? It’s mostly because of how cute they are! 🙂 We visited Boulder Beach … Continue Reading

The Cotswolds, filled with rolling hills, quaint villages and picturesque landscapes is arguably one of the places you must visit in England. Being only around two hours from London, it’s the perfect place to visit for a day or a long weekend. Heck, even all of the summer if I had my way! We started … Continue Reading

The Cotswolds is a quintessentially English area of outstanding natural beauty that’s a mere stone’s throw away from the hustle and big city lights of London (well, 120-minutes to be precise). Though it’s so close to our capital city, The Cotswolds’ charm, natural beauty and picturesque villages will feel like you’ve been whisked a world away to … Continue Reading

Suffice it to say, it’s not just visitors to our amazing city that’ll want to explore some of these unusual places, even us Londoners forget what’s on our doorstep every now and again. One of the things I love most about London is that there’s always something new and interesting to discover. Whether that’s some … Continue Reading

  We have a real deep love of all things South Africa and an even deeper love of all things food. So what better way to pair our two loves together than by finding some of those secret eating spots to discover while in Cape Town. You may remember that we visited Cape Town and … Continue Reading

Our trip to the Basque Country in Spain was definitely one of the most memorable trips we’ve had. We got to make new friends, eat lots of different and amazing foods to our heart’s contents and become a lot more open to travel. In the past, I’d  (like everyone else I suppose) been particularly keen … Continue Reading

I’ll be the first to admit, before moving to live in Singapore, I can’t say I knew much about this tiny country. I had a friend living there who gave me a quick low-down on what areas to look for apartments in and told me how safe it all was…etc but that was about it. I … Continue Reading

The Isles of Scilly are a little known (and some may say, secret) gem in the UK. Only 30 miles or so from Great Britain, the islands are basked in a tropical haze that we can only ever wish for in London! Yes, you read that correctly, the islands really are a tropical gem that … Continue Reading

Whenever you visit any city, especially if it’s for a weekend, it always makes sense to stay right in the centre of all the attraction. Okay, not smack bang in the middle but definitely close enough that you don’t end up spending you’re precious holiday time commuting to see all the sights. With this in … Continue Reading

We’ve all been there, yeah? You’ve been longing to explore London, you’ve discovered where to find the best views in London and even planned which of the London markets to explore. That being said, you’ve got to visit London on a budget – after all, that money doesn’t come for free. Its happened to me … Continue Reading

There are so many great reasons to visit Norway. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying it’s probably hard to find a reason not to! (Yup, even the cold isn’t an excuse as it gets incredibly warm in summer). Like other Nordic countries (here’s looking at you Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark), Norway is one … Continue Reading

New Zealand is a totally incredible country to visit! Not only does it have some beautiful cities, like; Wellington and Auckland but it also has a heap of the best beaches in New Zealand, too.  It’s the kind of country that’s got a little something for everyone and a perfect place to explore on a … Continue Reading