Everybody likes a treat now and then… me included! The thing I like most about treats are that they usually involve something special… something you have always wanted to do, stay, eat or try. On my look-out for nifty hotels, I came across Hotel Petit Moulin in Paris. I immediately fell in love with it! It’s … Continue Reading

Okay, so we all know there is more to the UK than a range of “old-world” castles, winding roads and rolling hills!  There is so much more to our great country than that…We have an array of other awesome traditions and places to see, with the likes of the palaces of London, the gorgeous national … Continue Reading

*Update: The iTunes Festival has now stopped but you can still enjoy the Roundhouse in Camden with all the other music events they host. There is always something fun and exciting to do in London – with this year being of no exception! From; festivals, gigs, delicious food and world-class historical sites, London has it … Continue Reading

The ICEHOTEL in Sweden is one of the World’s most incredible (and possibly the coldest) hotels to stay in. Perched in the Arctic Circle in jukkasjärvi, it’s definitely a bucket-list experience that everyone should have at least once. Each year, artists from around the world are flown into the pristine wilderness around jukkasjärvi for the most amazing art … Continue Reading

Hong Kong is an epic city to visit! This is especially true if you want to explore all the best things to do on a weekend in Hong Kong. Its always been a place I’ve wanted to visit and after living in Singapore, Yaya and I made the hop for a weekend trip to Hong … Continue Reading

I found out about this place a couple of weeks ago and I can’t seem to get it out of my head! Rightfully so as it’s a rather interesting concept and nice spin on an old favourite. What is it? Hotel Gotham in Manchester. It is exactly what it sounds like. A hotel themed on the … Continue Reading

Scotland is a totally beautiful country to visit! From the big cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow to the smaller coves and dramatic mountains of the Highlands, it’s totally stunning. That being said, there’s also a heap of the best islands in Scotland that you should definitely consider, too. With places like the Isle of Skye … Continue Reading

Yup, Up Helly Aa is as fierce as it looks. Hoards of angry Vikings and their burning ships surround the Shetland Islands on an annual basis; bringing mayhem to the local community that just can’t get rid of those pesky Vikings. Or, so I assume if we had lived 1,200 years ago. It’s one epic … Continue Reading

Oh, Paris! The wondrous city that seems to capture the imagination of people all around the world! It’s one of those cities that conjures up a sense of magic and adventure – visiting in person only does more to solidify that feeling. I think one of the best things about Paris is how there’s something … Continue Reading

Covent Garden is one of the best areas in London that seems to attract lots of visitors and Londoners alike! That being said, it’s easy to see why… especially with all the yummy restaurants, alleys to explore and the best things to do in Covent Garden.  Honestly, if it’s your first time in London and … Continue Reading

One of the best things about all the amazing areas in London is how diverse each of their foodie scenes is. You see, neighbourhoods like; Covent Garden, Whitechapel and Kings Cross all have their fair share of amazing restaurants, with Notting Hill being no exception. Now, in my opinion, there are a heap of the … Continue Reading

London is often seen to be an expensive city to visit, especially if you are travelling form a country where the exchange rate is not in your favour. That being said, there are some really easy and nifty ways to visit London on a budget that each visitor can follow. Now, one thing that I … Continue Reading

Okay, totally biased but I love Wales! Being Welsh, you couldn’t expect anything else really. Though, pushing my bias aside, there are so many beautiful and best things to do in Wales that really make it a stunning country to explore.  For a relatively small country, we pack a hefty punch in gorgeous places to … Continue Reading

The first I’d heard of Sintra was just before the summer holidays at Cambridge University. This was when a group of us were heading out to Lisbon for a 4-day weekend to celebrate multiple friend’s birthdays and a classmate of mine at Cambridge suggested visiting Sintra, too.  initially, I was a bit unsure. After all, … Continue Reading