The United States is huge! Honestly, you’ll come to realise this once you start to plan your trip and realise how many incredible cities, awesome national parks and a heap of islands, too. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the must-see places in the USA to visit on your trip.   Now, … Continue Reading

Following on from my post on “10 Reasons You Don’t Need To Quit Your Job To Travel The World!” I figured I should detail practical tips and tricks to help you hold your job and travel the world. A fundamental principle to a happy lifestyle is balance and so it’s important that you find the … Continue Reading

Travelling is a unique, no matter how many of us go the similar places or have similar experiences, our time and experience of travelling is always different…. It’s a personal experience that we are able to shape, mould and continue to grow from. One of the biggest things that I think travelling has allowed me … Continue Reading

Road trips have long since been a mainstay of travel and are always a great way to pack in as many sights as possible. In fact, visiting the Highlands of Scotland is incredible and you’ll be spoilt for choice on places to see.  Although they’re quite synonymous with the US, Scotland is giving the US … Continue Reading

London Town is one of the best cities in the world…and yes, I am slightly biased. One of the best things I like about London is its diversity and the number of opportunities there are to travel and try new things! and it really makes it easier for me to dash around our amazing city … Continue Reading

Having lived in Edinburgh for quite a few years, it’s easily one of my favourite cities in the UK and with good reason too – it’s absolutely pretty, has such strong history, amazing traditions, really friendly people and is a traveller’s delight – which is also why it makes sense that it the most visited … Continue Reading

Sardinia is one of the most stunning and diverse places in Italy to visit. Nestled in the Mediterranean, to the west of the mainland, it’s a relatively big island (as European islands go) and there’s so many of the best things to do in Sardina dotted all across its coast and inland valleys.  Obviously, Italy … Continue Reading

Big cities are almost always best viewed from a high, vantage viewing point offering panoramic views of the city and London is no exception when it comes to that. This is particularly so as summer approaches and the number of daylight hours increases. The best times to get a good photograph, of course, is just … Continue Reading

I’ve never really been a fan of expensive headphones. The sound system, iPhone, MP3 player or whatever else the headphones were attached to – those items I could understand spending a lot of money on but not really headphones. In the past, I used to buy those cheap headphones you’d typically find in Tesco’s or … Continue Reading

These are easy mistakes to make, especially if you’re not familiar with London but hopefully, this post should help you avoid potentially making these common sight seeing mistakes. This is a bit of a light-hearted post and not mean to poke fun at anyone who genuinely gets/got confused by any of the sights below – … Continue Reading

Las Vegas is a huge and pretty unique city to visit. There’s a whole heap of things to do in Las Vegas and you’ll honestly be spoilt for choice when you head out to enjoy and explore. That being said, there’s also some vital things and essentials you need to know for visiting the Las … Continue Reading

New You is a buzzing city to explore! It’s filled with so many things to do and the best New York attractions that are dotted all across the big smoke. That being said, with all these attractions, it can be tough to whittle down a manageable list that you can explore during your visit. You … Continue Reading

Before we get started though (here’s a heads up), you need one thing if you’re gonna do it this way – flexibility. (You’ll see why later). I’m not talking about flexibility in the sense of being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want (let’s face it, most of us have work or lifestyle schedules which … Continue Reading

Yes, you read that right! Not “kinda free” or “cheap”  – 101 FREE Things To Do In London!!!! And this includes every single major attraction in London – and then some more! Living in London has made us really savvy with money (with house prices in London at the price of a tiny fortune, financial savviness … Continue Reading