Glasgow is such a spectacular city, being the largest in Scotland and one of the top five largest in the UK. Like its friendly neighbour Edinburgh, Glasgow is steeped in ancient and long-living history that you can immerse yourself within. Take a look at some of my favourite things to do while you visit one … Continue Reading

Cuba is a country that’s filled with so many things to do and see. With its stunning beaches, all the things to do in Havana and it’s incredible food, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This is why I wanted to share some of the best Cuban food to try on your next trip over. After … Continue Reading

Iceland is one of those amazing countries to visit that’s totally filled with epic places to see. From the dramatic volcanic landscapes, incredible hiking routes, gorgeous little towns to the tastiest restaurants; Iceland has loads to experience. Not only that, but there is also are a heap of stunning experiences to have in Iceland that you … Continue Reading

Located in the Lot department in Southwest France, Gouffre de Padirac is one of France’s most amazing and most unique natural wonders. It’s also one of the most Essentially, it’s an chasm that runs down to 103 metres (338 ft) deep at which point you can find an underground river. Gouffre de Padirac is one of those popular … Continue Reading

A trip to Berlin’s Flohmarkt in Mauerpark is one of the things everyone seems to recommend that you do. As you might recall from our instagram, we were very recently in Berlin with a huge bunch of friends – there were about 11 of us in total and after a day or seeing the sights, followed … Continue Reading

Over the last year I have read many articles about how to ‘be a traveller and not a tourist’ or ‘how not to be a tourist’ and the even more cringe-worthy titles like, ‘What makes you a traveller and not a tourist’. I’m sure you will have seen so many of these types of articles. … Continue Reading

Kobe is well known, the world over, for it’s amazing beef… amongst other thing. Here are 10 fun things to get up to in Kobe! How cute is that animation??? I found this on a blog I’m now totally obsessed with called Japan Lover and if you’re in even the slightest bit taken by image above, … Continue Reading

Kyoto tends to conjure up images of tranquil shrines (hence why it is know as the city of a 1,000 shrines) with the most hues of flora and is a hugely popular tourist destination in Japan. If you were planning on visiting Japan, my guess is that you’ve already made a mental note to add … Continue Reading

Chiba always reminds me of friends/friendship but not for the reasons you’d think. My friend is called Chiba (it’s actually his surname) and so whenever I think of the city, I tend to think of one person. That is perhaps the most random beginning to any blog post but hopefully, the rest of it is … Continue Reading

Harajuku brings with it connotation of bright and energetic Japanese fashion but there’s a lot more than that going on in this fun city! It’s also really easy to get to from Tokyo so if you’re in the capital, you definitely need to make time to visit and do at least one of these 10 … Continue Reading

Hokkaido apparently is called by many other names Ezo, Yezo, Yeso, or Yesso and is the second largest island in Japan (thanks Wikipedia) 😉 One thing Hokkaido really stands out for is its beautiful natural landmarks so if you’re a nature buff (which is very different from a naturist 😉 ) then you should definitely … Continue Reading

A city within the city – Shinkuju is one of the wards within the Tokyo metropolis area. Another easy tick off the sight seeing list if you’re in Tokyo. How cute is that animation??? I found this on a blog I’m now totally obsessed with called Japan Lover and if you’re in even the slightest … Continue Reading

Osaka has long been one of those cities you just have to visit when in Japan with its bright lights and  and so I was very pleasantly surprised to find one of these below. 🙂 It is also one of the largest metropolis in Japan and indeed, in the world so there’s so much to see and … Continue Reading

There are so many free things to do in New York, along with a heap of other cools things like; Central Park, The Guggenheim, The High line, the Empire State, Top Of The Rock and of-course Lady Liberty! That being said, it can be tough to plan and see New York City as it’s a … Continue Reading