London is filled with amazing places to see, delicious foods to eat and quirky spots to find and although all the obvious places are a definite must to visit, some of London’s more exciting ‘treasures’ are not as well known as you’d expect. Ever since finding out about St Dunstan’s in the East (see more deets … Continue Reading

Cornwall is a gorgeous area of England to explore. With its stunning coastline and the most beautiful places, there’s a whole heap of things to keep you busy on your trip to the west country. That being said, lots of people forget to visit the manors and mix of best castles in Cornwall that are … Continue Reading

There are so many gorgeous areas of London to explore, with Shoreditch being of no exception. There’s everything from retro stores, cool markets and a host of the best bars in Shoreditch that are dotted all over the place.  Now, one of the best things about Shoreditch is that it’s constantly changing. It’s an area … Continue Reading

Perched in the centre of our city, Kings Cross is one of the areas in London that’s had something of a revival over the last fifteen years or so. That being said, with all this revival has led a whole heap of the best things to do in Kings Cross that are dotted all across … Continue Reading

Scotland is such a beautiful country to explore, and with so much to see and do, you’ll be wanting to stay for a longer trip. This is especially true when seeing all the best castles in Scotland that are dotted around the country. You see, it’s not only, Scottish culture, music, or Scottish food that … Continue Reading

Have you ever wanted to visit an enchanted forest in the beautifully mysterious Scottish countryside! Well, this years event, held in Pitlochry, Scotland is sure to be a magical experience that you will want to explore. What Is The Enchanted Forest? Nestled in the forestries of Perthshire, the Enchanted Forest is an ever-popular annual event … Continue Reading

It’s finally arrived – renowned British Artist, Banksy has launched his awesome new theme park – which we are all invited to visit! As you will probably have guessed – I love Banksy’s thought provoking art! I even visited Bristol last month to undertake my very own “Banksy Tour” of the city. Over the last … Continue Reading

There are so many incredibly beautiful places in Ireland to explore! It’s a country steeped in history (and gallons of Guinness) that is a must-experience when exploring. From the stunning hikes, the ancient east coast to the iconic castles that reside over the rolling hills, Ireland has it all. Plus, there’s a shed load of … Continue Reading

Okay, so I don’t mean one of those long-haul flights where you catch a few Zzzzzz’s in-between movies and aeroplane meals; but an actual hotel! Intrigued? Well, if that piqued your imagination, why not consider “Jumbo Stay” on your next adventure in Sweden. Based just outside Stockholm, Jumbo Stay offers a truly unique place to stay that … Continue Reading

Everybody likes a treat now and then… me included! The thing I like most about treats are that they usually involve something special… something you have always wanted to do, stay, eat or try. On my look-out for nifty hotels, I came across Hotel Petit Moulin in Paris. I immediately fell in love with it! It’s … Continue Reading

Okay, so we all know there is more to the UK than a range of “old-world” castles, winding roads and rolling hills!  There is so much more to our great country than that…We have an array of other awesome traditions and places to see, with the likes of the palaces of London, the gorgeous national … Continue Reading

*Update: The iTunes Festival has now stopped but you can still enjoy the Roundhouse in Camden with all the other music events they host. There is always something fun and exciting to do in London – with this year being of no exception! From; festivals, gigs, delicious food and world-class historical sites, London has it … Continue Reading

The ICEHOTEL in Sweden is one of the World’s most incredible (and possibly the coldest) hotels to stay in. Perched in the Arctic Circle in jukkasjärvi, it’s definitely a bucket-list experience that everyone should have at least once. Each year, artists from around the world are flown into the pristine wilderness around jukkasjärvi for the most amazing art … Continue Reading

Hong Kong is an epic city to visit! This is especially true if you want to explore all the best things to do on a weekend in Hong Kong. Its always been a place I’ve wanted to visit and after living in Singapore, Yaya and I made the hop for a weekend trip to Hong … Continue Reading