Every traveller wants to find their next go to destination… somewhere that captures their imagination, a place that thrives in culture, natural diversity and of-course looks beautifully picturesque! Yaya and I have been on a little mission this week… we are trying to think of where our next holiday will be, so as any blogger … Continue Reading

France is as diverse as any country can be, with its Mediterranean coast to the south, its mountainous eastern regions across the Alps to the south-western French Basque Country, France has it all. I wanted to showcase some of my favourite destinations that should be included on every trip to France this year. I have … Continue Reading

This is an awkward one. The political realities of where this is located (Crimea) make it very tricky to visit (or even to recommend visiting) but as you can tell from the photos below, this castle is dramatically beautiful! [image via] [image via] [image via] [image via] [image via] [image via] [image via]

Lots of people know about the larger islands of Europe: Great Britain, Ireland, Sicily and many more but there are many smaller (but no less breathtaking) islands that we often forget or bypass on our quest to visit while travelling around Europe. Some of the islands are “off the beaten track” so to speak, while … Continue Reading

Update: This experience has now ended in London. It was only available during the summer of 2015. It’s kinda been in London before, years ago at the Tate Modern and its coming back to London this summer! What is it? Well I’m not sure if you remember those cool slides that were in the Tate … Continue Reading

Back in the day, whenever I found someone who said “I just love French films” or any phrase similar to that, I used to find my self involuntarily rolling my eyes – mostly becauseI knew (or at least I thought I knew) these people that only ever said that because somehow, the idea of being into French films made them … Continue Reading

Summer just always strikes me as the best time to catch up on reading. The weather is usually fantastic and great for either heading out for a sunny holiday or just taking a walk to the park, armed with a good book to while away the time and get lost in the words… The best … Continue Reading

Everyone loves a ‘concept’ hotel – you know, those hotels with something special about them and they don’t come more special than an underwater hotel with a view! These hotels are less about cosy beds, the finest cotton duvets or the tastiest room service menus, although they do pack these stuff in oodles but instead … Continue Reading

Let’s play a fun little game. Or at least what I’d like to think of as a full little game. 😉 It’s not a serious post or anything of the sort, I’m just genuinely intrigued to find out which options you’ll choose! On some level, I think it may be a version of a sanity … Continue Reading

The Cotswolds are renowned for being of the most sought after places to live in and indeed to holiday in, in the UK and rightly so. Every time we’ve been, it’s been the picturesque essence of British charm – even on dark and overcast days. The winding streets, ancient houses, cheerful people and acres of … Continue Reading

The last couple of weeks have seen the number of daylight hours increase with the sun staying out to play for just a few more hours. And of course, we all know what that means – summertime is on its way. Yes, we’ve still got to get past spring but that doesn’t stop us from … Continue Reading

European city breaks are hardly renowned for being affordable and kind to the wallet. A lot of that, however, is due to ‘crowd mentality’ – we all wanna go where everybody else is going. Despite this, there are so many other cities in Europe that pack in as much charm and beauty and the old … Continue Reading

Ruins are definitely one of the most amazing things to see when you go travelling which is kind of a strange thing when you (over)think about it. In what other situation, would an old derelict building become an object of desire? Of course, ruins are special due to the history encased in them. They are … Continue Reading

Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere right now and as cold and somewhat frustrating as it can be sometimes, this is the best time of the year to have a fairly unique holiday experience and visit some places across the world that quite literally get transformed by winter into a winter paradise of … Continue Reading