Okay, so in preparation for our trip to the Nordics, we’ve just been sent a list of things to pack. If you remember from the video, we’re gonna be heading off to explore the Nordics for 48 hours with Scandic Hotels (full deets are available on their website – www.scandichotels.com/nordics48h ) and all we know so far is that we’re gonna be taken to Norway and we’ll have no clue what we’re gonna be getting up to for the next 48 hours. I’m absolutely excited about this of course but on the flipside, not knowing what you’ll be doing means not knowing what to pack.

Well, today – we got some clues as to what we’ll be up to including some tips on what to pack. (If you’re on snapchat – ours is handluggageonly, then you’ll already have seen this list). Thing is – I still don’t fully understand the clues so this is where I need your help! 🙂

Have a look at the picture below and see if you can figure out what we’ll be getting up to. For instance – what is Loyly? And I kid you not, I had to search for the meaning of Ornithology – apparently, it’s something to do with birds. For a second there, I just assumed it was some Nordic mythology related thing. *face palm* In any case, I’m hoping you’ll have more luck that I did when it came to trying to guess what we’ll be getting up to. I know I should just wait but I’m not particularly patient with waiting so I wanna know now. 🙂

Please do let me know what you think or what your guesses are! Thanks in advance!!!

List to Pack For Nordics48h 48 Hours in the Nordics trip with Scandic Hotels

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