And boy, did it rain in Palermo! Our trip to Palermo was one all four of us were looking forward to for ages.

The Sicilian city, which I kept referring to as “The Old Country” thanks to The Godfather book (depending on which one you saw/read), promised to be warmer than London and so we were all really looking forward to some warmth. We even packed sunglasses!


To be fair, just before we left, we checked the weather forecast and it promised to rain all weekend but this was after a few glasses of prosecco at the airport so we didn’t really take it too seriously.

Even when we arrived late that night and hopped out of the hotel for dinner, it was raining on the way to the restaurant but not too heavy so again, we kinda brushed it aside.

We kept ignoring the rain until we finally ventured out of the hotel after breakfast the next day and within minutes were soaked.

I typically avoid umbrellas (especially so if you have a camera with the weight of more than 10 shetland ponies combined) but after about an hour in this rain, I gave up and got an overpriced umbrella from one of the roadside vendors.

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I’ll tell you more about the trip to Palermo – I would do so now but I’m still sorting out through the photos – most of which are awful thanks to the almost horizontal rain blowing right into the lens so as soon as I get round to sorting them out – expect to see a post on here.

In any case, by the day, we were due to return to the UK (we had a late flight to catch so had all day free) it was safe to say we were pretty much done with the non-stop rain and decide to have a ‘cultured afternoon’ looking at some modern art.

To be honest, we just wanted to be in a dry, climate-controlled environment for a change.


We headed over to the Gallery of Modern Art (Galleria d’Arte Moderna) and as fate would have it, the first Sunday of every month is free (will check if that’s for all galleries or just for this one) so we didn’t pay anything to get in here and sauntered right is pleased as punch with ourselves.


The gallery was actually pretty cool and a lot of the work on display was quite impressive.

I don’t know what I was expecting, I wasn’t really thinking about it before venturing in but I was pleasantly surprised by the pieces on show. I also expected modern art to be more Banksy and less Picasso but boy was I wrong! Some of the stuff in there was quite old – the term “modern” is quite relative I guess but most of it was quite impressive to see.

DISCLAIMER: I chose music over art in school (not even sure we had to choose one over the other) so I’m not the most qualified person to dissect or discuss art in any greater depth than a general appreciation so I’m going to let you have a peruse through the gallery so you can let me know what you think! 

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