There’s so much to see to do in in the city. That’s why we’ve decided to create this ultimate travel guide for Vancouver. Just jump to each of the relevant sections and open the posts that best apply to what you want to do.

Throughout my whole time of travelling, I have never felt a connection as strong as I had then with Vancouver. A city of absolute beauty, surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery and landscapes you can ever imagine.

It’s a great city to visit, so check out our travel guide for Vancouver showing you what have to see and do across the city. 🇨🇦


As you’re probably aware, Vancouver is consistently named within the top ten liveable cities in the world each year! It is no accident that people feel this.

Travel guide for Vancouver: Arriving by train

From Vancouver To Whistler - The Most Incredible View In Canada! (94)

I had never been to Canada before so I really had little idea of what to expect. I actually travelled to Vancouver by AmTrak, the US-based rail service from Seattle to British Columbia.

From Vancouver To Whistler - The Most Incredible View In Canada! (74)

The journey was relatively slow for the distance (if you are used to European trains), it took about 4 hours to travel 150km or so, but the scenery made me want to ask the train driver to stop multiple times.

One of the great things about this journey is that you can really appreciate the landscape of Washington State, the US and British Columbia, Canada. From watching the American Eagles gliding above to trying to spot Whales in the ocean, this journey was magical for me.

If you are considering a journey to the Northwest US or Canada, take the Amtrak. Discounted prices can be obtained if you book early on selected journeys.

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Travel guide for Vancouver: What to do

How To Spend A Lazy Day In Vancouver, Canada...(Plus, Exploring The Incredible Capilano Suspension Bridge) (15)

Vancouver itself is a beautiful city, with many open spaces. It felt very “clean”. I know this sounds ambiguous but the air; lack of trash and open streets framed by beautiful mountain ranges did give me the thought of how nice a city Vancouver really is!

There’s so much to see and do, too. Make sure to check out the top sites you have to see, here.

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Travel guide for Vancouver: Where to eat

Where To Eat In Vancouver, Canada – Savio Volpe (9)

There are so many places to eat in Vancouver. Make sure to check out Savio Volpe, some of these amazing restaurants and gorge at all the bakeries in downtown Vancouver.

11 Delicious Bakeries To Visit In Vancouver (9)

Just pack elasticated pants! Haha.

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Travel guide for Vancouver: What parks to visit

Here's The Real Reason Why You Visit Vancouver, Canada (42)

While in Vancouver, take the time to stroll around Stanley Park, an oasis on the peninsula of the city.

If you work up an appetite, check out China Town for some delicious, honestly priced food!

Travel guide for Vancouver: Mountains to explore

If you are looking to take in some snow, ski, or snowboarding, head up Grouse Mountain. Even if it’s just for the spectacular views of British Columbia from the top of the mountain!

Finding Grizzly Bears On Grouse Mountain... In Vancouver, Canada (38)

You really think you are king of the world!

How to get the best views

Finally, If you are looking for a little treat for yourself, why not take a city tour by sea-plane! I didn’t get to do this, but it’s definitely on my list of things to save up for! Head to the Float Plane Terminal (on the city waterfront) to book one of these.

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