*Warning: As with most of my posts from Croatia, this is another photo-heavy post. ๐Ÿ™‚

Makarska is a small city by the sea in Croatia (not too far from Split) and is easily becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Croatia! When I visited, it was fairly easy to see why. 


The day started off rather grey but even then, the charm of the city was not lost on me.

As soon as we started walking down the beach with our guide, the sun started to peek out of the skies and soon enough, it was bright and shiny everywhere and most certainly time to ditch the ill-advised jumper I’d packed with me after my post-breakfast food haze.  


The backdrop to the city is the amazing Biokovo mountains which is almost like its own world.

We went up there as well and the weather up there is nothing like the weather down in the city. It’s so strange yet so beautiful at the same time – the contrast definitely makes for some stunning imagery!

Let Let Let

The beach led to rockier terrains which led to a walk through the woods and historic buildings… 

Let Let  Let Let Let

We took in the sights and went crazy with the photos again (which explains why there are so many in this post) and before long, we ended up at the other side of the harbour with the city in our sights!

Let Let Let Let  Let Let  Let  Let Let Let  Let Let Let  Let

We ventured through the city harbour and then through the nooks and crannies where we made some special little friends! (Seriously, how adorable are these puppies???)

Let Let  Let Let Let

Finally, we made our way through the city and headed straight for one of my favourite activities of the day – lunch! With the prerequisite Croatian wine and aperitifs of course.

Let Let Let Let

Apparently, in Croatia, the cherry liquor is more of a ladies drinks and the fig liquor is what the men drink. Sod that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was obssessed with that cherry liquor way too much to let anyone tell me which one to drink or not to drink (conversely, Lloyd did prefer the fig liquor to the cherry liquor so… *shrugs*)

Let Let

We started off with lots of starters – anchovies, cured meats, cheeses, crayfish, octopus and more…

Let Let Let

Being at the seaside, I opted for seafood – as did most of us really.

The fish came with crayfish and some chips in a bag seasoned perfectly with herbs! I love the whole chips in a bag thing so much I think I may have to recreate it when I have friends over in London! Not the fanciest of dinner foods but definitely one of the tastiest! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let Let Let  Let Let  

Dessert for Lloyd was chocolate cake (nothing new there – that boy loves chocolate anything!) and I opted for panna cotta (my second fave after creme brรปlรฉe).


Lunch completed, we were left with no plans for the afternoon which was absolutely fantastic as our hotel, had a huge pool with a maze-y bit in it and we all made a pact to veg out by the pool for the rest of the evening until dinner time. A pact we kept and one that was sooooooooooooo worth it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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