Perched in the Lombardy region of Italy, Mantua is an ancient Italian city that’s so incredible to see.  There really is so many of the best things to do in Mantua, plus, it has a whopping history too.  After all, being well over 4,000 years old, what else can you expect. 🙂 Now, in lots … Continue Reading

The hard part’s done; you’ve decided you want to go to Italy and you’ve decided that you’d like to see this by road. Okay, perhaps that’s not the hard part but still, making those decisions is a pretty great start. Now, let us take things from there for you and share our 1-week road trip itinerary … Continue Reading

Right after leaving Milan, we hit the open roads of Italy and started off our first proper drive in the rickshaw. I think it’s safe to say that this is the most terrified I was on the entire trip. Everything was so new and everyone on the roads was moving much faster than we were … Continue Reading

We woke up on our 2nd full day in Italy to a thick cloud of fog over the Lombardy countryside. It’s gotta be said though – Fog, as unwanted as it can be when you’re up for a sunny holiday, certainly has a way of making a place look so dramatic! Without wasting too much … Continue Reading

As much as I would love to take credit for deciding that this is indeed one of the most dramatic cities in Europe, other people did this way ahead of me and a trip to this city only further corroborated that designation. Orvieto truly is something else! The city is built on almost vertical cliffs … Continue Reading

Some days are just made for throwing away the rule book and seeing where your restless feet will take you… Or in our case, our tiny rickshaw. Back in our place in Rome, we’d met up with some of the others doing the rickshaw challenge and we decided to stick together for part of the route. … Continue Reading

Italian sunsets are the stuff legends are made of. We managed to prove this over and over again on our road trip across Italy but the very first time we saw this was perhaps the most unexpected of them all. For years, I’d harboured this dream of driving across Tuscany with no real aim but … Continue Reading

Summertime is holiday time. Countries literally seem to shut down for weeks at a time while everyone heads off for holiday (here’s looking at your France and Italy) and so it comes as no surprise that this is one of the best times to plan that amazing trip you’ve been dreaming about doing in Europe. … Continue Reading

Italy is one incredible country to visit and I’m not going to tell any porky pies by saying otherwise. Italy is one of Europe’s most diverse countries, with completely different landscapes, cultures and weather. No trip to Italy is complete without devouring your whole weight in delicious grub; especially when it’s so tasty. I swear, … Continue Reading

It’s high time to get the summer holiday plans in gear and, inspired by the amazing colourful selection of summer essentials over at Kapten & Sons, we’ve put together an equally colourful, tried and tested selection of the very best places you need to add to your summer plans this year. Seeing as we’ve got … Continue Reading

When most people think of travel essentials—especially travel essentials for guys—it’s safe to say most minds probably never go straight to skincare. Tech gadgets, practical shoes and luggage most often spring to mind, but grooming products never seem to be the most obvious. Yet when you stop and take a moment to think about it … Continue Reading

From the stunning cites like Rome, coastal regions like Cinque Terre and the incredible villages in southern regions, Italy is one of the most diverse European countries to visit. That being said, it can get pretty bamboozling to plan a trip to see as much as possible. This is so true when there’s so much … Continue Reading

Swiftly following on from the 30 things you need to know before visiting Italy and a little inspired by this table cloth (via our snapchat @HandLuggageOnly – see tweet below), I figured it made sense to accompany that little guide with a food section. A food guide to Italy! (Probably a tacky souvenir to have but actually … Continue Reading

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe, nay, the world! My love for this country goes almost as deep as my love of chocolate-flavoured-anything, which I feel no remorse about and no reason to apologise for! Some favourite, off the top of my head, is the stunning Tuscan towns, the gorgeous … Continue Reading