Our return to Sri Lanka was something of a last-minute plan.

As you might remember, we’d been to Sri Lanka earlier in the year and although our itinerary back then was quite full and we managed to pack in quite a lot for one week, there was still so much of Sri Lanka that I’d left wanting to explore more.

This Is One Of The Best Views In Sri Lanka - Pidurangala Rock (39)

Luckily, around the time we were already planning on being in Asia and thought, heck, why not pop over to Sri Lanka.

While we couldn’t fly out from London directly with them (we were only an hour away from Sri Lanka at the time and it didn’t make sense to fly to London and then back out to Sri Lanka), we joined in on the trip directly from where we were.

We arrived fairly late at night and headed straight to the hotel in the beachside town of Ahungalla, where we would be making our home at the Heritance Ahungalla.

After a ceremonial lamp-lighting welcome (the first time we’ve experienced this in Sri Lanka) and a quick dinner, we made a bee-line straight for our rooms and fell into a very deep and well-earned slumber (well-earned partly due to my lack of portion control at dinner).

The next morning, after a breakfast of traditional Sri Lankan hoppers, I figured we might as well set about exploring what would be our home for the next couple of days.

A Return To Sri Lanka (3)

The Heritance Ahungalla is kind of like an old colonial property (spanning several acres) and is located right on the beach (like you can see the beach from the pool).

A Return To Sri Lanka (4)

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A Return To Sri Lanka (8)

A Return To Sri Lanka (11)

A Return To Sri Lanka (12)

A Return To Sri Lanka (13)

Even though this was very different from where we stayed last time (our place last time was nowhere near a beach though now that I think of it, it was near a river…), it reminded me a lot of the last place we stayed in last time we were here. Here’s a little look around…

A Return To Sri Lanka (14)

A Return To Sri Lanka (15)

A Return To Sri Lanka (18)

Anyway, our little gallivant over and done with, I decided that today would be the laziest of lazy days and headed down to the pool where we made firm acquaintances with several cocktails (breaking only for lunch) until later that evening when we would be meeting everyone else for dinner.

This might seem like such a mundane little detail but last time we were in Sri Lanka, we were on the go constantly from morning till night (we’re talking up to 12 hour days while started at 7am at times)! Not that I’m complaining about that of course, we asked for our itinerary to be packed full but this time, it was such a lovely experience to be able to relax in Sri Lanka and actually enjoy the beach/nature.

A Return To Sri Lanka (21)

Dinner was meant to be a barbecue on the beach but the rain had other plans so we headed to an indoor restaurant where we worked our way through several delicious courses before heading out to watch a traditional dance show (which, we did last time too and I highly recommend if you are visiting for the first time or haven’t done it before).

A Return To Sri Lanka (22)

A Return To Sri Lanka (25)

A Return To Sri Lanka (26)

A Return To Sri Lanka (27)

A Return To Sri Lanka (32)

The shows always finish off with flames (fire-breathing, fire-walking…etc)…

A Return To Sri Lanka (34)

A Return To Sri Lanka (36)

A Return To Sri Lanka (39)

Once the show was over, we made our way over to the bar, chatting and laughing the night away (ably assisted by several bottles of vino) before heading off to bed.

Needless to say, relaxed days like these are perfect ways to start any holiday!

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