London is a pretty epic city to explore, especially if you’re visiting for a whole 24 hours! There’s no doubt that time will be short and schedules tight but there really is an incredible heap of things you can see and do… all within a short period of time. With a whole 24 hours, you’ll … Continue Reading

The Hand Luggage Only way! 🙂  Recently, we got contacted about the potential of having a hassle-free day in London and like any true Londoner, I was initially sceptical. London is kinda synonymous with hassle. Yes, there are humongous upsides to being in London but I think it’s safe to say the average Londoner is … Continue Reading

1.) Take the Thames Clipper (boat) up River Thames This is way cheaper than the river cruises and a great way to see a lot of sights across the Thames in London. Of course, it doesn’t come with a tour guide talking to you about what you’re seeing but that may not be a bad … Continue Reading

These are easy mistakes to make, especially if you’re not familiar with London but hopefully, this post should help you avoid potentially making these common sightseeing mistakes. This is a bit of a light-hearted post and not mean to poke fun at anyone who genuinely gets/got confused by any of the sights below – instead. … Continue Reading

London is filled with amazing places to see, delicious foods to eat and quirky spots to find and although all the obvious places are a definite must to visit, some of London’s more exciting ‘treasures’ are not as well known as you’d expect. Ever since finding out about St Dunstan’s in the East (see more deets … Continue Reading

Yeah, us Brits might be better known for our cups and tea, but trust me when I say; there’s a real coffee culture in London that’s well worth dipping into.  It doesn’t matter which of the areas of the city you visit, I’m almost certain you’ll find some of the best coffee in London. Best … Continue Reading

And everyone was invited! Summertime is truly the best time in London! The weather is actually amazing, barbecue is fired up, al fresco is the only way to eat, park picnic is a-plenty and everyone’s just generally out and about having a great time. This weekend was Pride in London was held and the city … Continue Reading

London has loads to offer, with so many amazing areas to explore. That being said, so much choice can make it tough when figuring out all your plans. This is especially true when it comes to finding bars with the best views in London.  Now, although us Londoners don’t have hundreds of skyscrapers, we have … Continue Reading

… and I’m not typically a burger person but more on that later. But before we get started, I’m gonna recommend that you honker down with a nice cuppa tea (or perhaps even a margarita) as this is a rather photo heavy post. 😉 One of my favourite parts of living in Central London is being … Continue Reading

There are quite a few places to get the best views of London and they’re dotted all around the city. That being said, some can be a little further from the centre, whilst others charge to get the best views. This is exactly why you need to consider getting totally free SkyGarden London tickets before … Continue Reading

As it turns out, this ‘tool’ I’m about to tell you about is actually something we’d been doing for a while and didn’t even realise it till just recently. 😀 It’s saved us so much time and can actually make or break a trip (case in point: Rio where it just made for such a … Continue Reading

London is home and has been for quite some time now and so it’s safe to say that from time to time, as amazing as the city is, we sometimes take it for granted. The only time I actually seem to make an effort to see the city is when I have guests visiting, in which case, … Continue Reading

Suffice it to say, it’s not just visitors to our amazing city that’ll want to explore some of these unusual places, even us Londoners forget what’s on our doorstep every now and again. One of the things I love most about London is that there’s always something new and interesting to discover. Whether that’s some … Continue Reading

London might be a pretty big city, but there’s actually a heap of gorgeous and the best beaches near London to visit that are total gems. Yes, London has some incredible areas to explore, epic things to do and loads of beautiful palaces; but let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a trip to the … Continue Reading