Camden is easily up there as one of the best areas in London you have to explore when you visit our city. After all, it’s so different from many of the other spots in London. This is especially true because of the culture, vibe and all the best things to do in Camden that are … Continue Reading

After a week in Paris, I was more than happy to be headed back home. I never really thought about it at the time but this was my first solo trip in quite a long while but I was so busy all the while I was there that I really didn’t get much time to … Continue Reading

And everyone was invited! Summertime is truly the best time in London! The weather is actually amazing, barbecue is fired up, al fresco is the only way to eat, park picnic is a-plenty and everyone’s just generally out and about having a great time. This weekend was Pride in London was held and the city … Continue Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these kinda days in London… London is glorious in summer time! There’s just so much more stuff to do and with the sun shining brightly, very little excuse not to to do said stuff! Even on slightly overcast days like today, the sun managed to peek … Continue Reading

I recently discovered an amazing food market in London. It’s in Leather Lane and has all sorts of food stall from all over the world which just entice you with the mouth watering sights and delicious fragrances coming from them. Once I was actually able to contain my excitement (which I was only able to … Continue Reading

The Hand Luggage Only way! 🙂  Recently, we got contacted about the potential of having a hassle-free day in London and like any true Londoner, I was initially sceptical. London is kinda synonymous with hassle. Yes, there are humongous upsides to being in London but I think it’s safe to say the average Londoner is … Continue Reading

London Town is one of the best cities in the world…and yes, I am slightly biased. One of the best things I like about London is its diversity and the number of opportunities there are to travel and try new things! and it really makes it easier for me to dash around our amazing city … Continue Reading

Sometimes, I think half the fun of living in London is getting to take part in events like this! 🙂 The other day, we got invited by Pinterest to meet the fantastic James Wong (off the telly 🙂 ) for an evening making and (arguably more importantly) drinking cocktails! And boy was it fun! First … Continue Reading

Big cities are almost always best viewed from a high, vantage viewing point offering panoramic views of the city and London is no exception when it comes to that. This is particularly so as summer approaches and the number of daylight hours increases. The best times to get a good photograph, of course, is just … Continue Reading

Update: This experience has now ended in London. It was only available during the summer of 2015. It’s kinda been in London before, years ago at the Tate Modern and its coming back to London this summer! What is it? Well I’m not sure if you remember those cool slides that were in the Tate … Continue Reading

These are easy mistakes to make, especially if you’re not familiar with London but hopefully, this post should help you avoid potentially making these common sightseeing mistakes. This is a bit of a light-hearted post and not mean to poke fun at anyone who genuinely gets/got confused by any of the sights below – instead. … Continue Reading

Yes, you read that right! Not “kinda free” or “cheap”  – 101 FREE Things To Do In London!!!! And this includes every single major attraction in London – and then some more! Living in London has made us really savvy with money (with house prices in London at the price of a tiny fortune, financial savviness … Continue Reading

And no, that is not a typo. A few days ago, we got to try out a rather different gift-giving service called Tinggly. The idea behind Tinggly is that you can buy a gift for loved ones without really having to decide what the gift is. This makes it particularly handy when it comes to … Continue Reading

… and I’m not typically a burger person but more on that later. But before we get started, I’m gonna recommend that you honker down with a nice cuppa tea (or perhaps even a margarita) as this is a rather photo heavy post. 😉 One of my favourite parts of living in Central London is being … Continue Reading