Many many summers ago, I was sat at my desk on a trading floor in an Investment Bank in London, watching an intense game at Wimbledon out of the corner of my eye. It was a big match so most of the floor had stopped to watch the match (I was still fairly new to … Continue Reading

And no, that is not a typo. A few days ago, we got to try out a rather different gift-giving service called Tinggly. The idea behind Tinggly is that you can buy a gift for loved ones without really having to decide what the gift is. This makes it particularly handy when it comes to … Continue Reading

Sometimes, I think half the fun of living in London is getting to take part in events like this! 🙂 The other day, we got invited by Pinterest to meet the fantastic James Wong (off the telly 🙂 ) for an evening making and (arguably more importantly) drinking cocktails! And boy was it fun! First … Continue Reading

I recently discovered an amazing food market in London. It’s in Leather Lane and has all sorts of food stall from all over the world which just entice you with the mouth watering sights and delicious fragrances coming from them. Once I was actually able to contain my excitement (which I was only able to … Continue Reading

London Town is one of the best cities in the world…and yes, I am slightly biased. One of the best things I like about London is its diversity and the number of opportunities there are to travel and try new things! and it really makes it easier for me to dash around our amazing city … Continue Reading

There are literally thousands of places to rest your head in London Town. From unique houses, boats, lairs and even my humble home. London caters for every taste and budget. Recently I walked past (and took a peek inside) one of the nicest, luxury hotels I have seen in the capital, Me London! Where Is … Continue Reading

Got the round-up on fun things to do in London at bargain prices!!! Let’s get started! 1.) Evening Cruise on the River Thames for Two with glasses of Bubbly and Canapes (Price: £39). 2.) Afternoon tea for Two at the Ritz! (Arguably the most iconic place to have afternoon tea in London! Price: £105) 3.) … Continue Reading

London is such an incredible city but sometimes, it’s just nice to get away from the big smoke to explore more of our stunning country. After all, there are so many day trips from London that really showcase how beautiful England is.  Like so many other Londoners, owning a car involves so much extra hassle … Continue Reading

We’ve got a new video up on The YouTube channel! There’s no real point to the video. It’s Christmas and it’s London and so a video happened! 🙂  

London is consistently one of the most visited cities in the world. With so many cool and exciting areas in London to see, it’s easy to see why. That’s why visiting places in London is so much fun… there’s just so many areas, culture and food to explore. With a massive wealth of history in … Continue Reading

There are so many gorgeous areas of London to explore, with Shoreditch being of no exception. There’s everything from retro stores, cool markets and a host of the best bars in Shoreditch that are dotted all over the place.  Now, one of the best things about Shoreditch is that it’s constantly changing. It’s an area … Continue Reading

House hunting in London is one of the most stressful things you can do in the UK. It is probably what whoever coined the term “Rat Race” had in mind when he/she did. It’s genuinely exhausting and unbelievably time-consuming but after moving homes quite a few times in London, I’ve become something of an old … Continue Reading

You’ve heard the stories, you’ve planned your adventure, but nothing can quite get you prepared to survive a tube journey in London. Before you get all clammy and worried, there is no zombie-style apocalypse holding tube-goers to ransom… well, not unless you spot me on the tube before 8 am, but there are definitely ways … Continue Reading

London has an array of amazing independent coffee houses, cocktail bars and venues that seem to pop up at a moment’s notice. As a Londoner, you have probably invested lots of your precious time and effort in finding a restaurant, bar or event that becomes ‘your place’. You had to go through the rough and … Continue Reading