You’ve loved the hype of Christmas and New Years Eve; the carols, the gifts, the prosecco, the 8 mince pies you scoffed alone, even seeing your tipsy family members fawn over your significant other…  but what should you do for New Year’s Day? There always seems to be so much pressure on ‘doing’ something for … Continue Reading

London has literally thousands of coffee shops, house and bars that line the streets of London Town. From Notting Hill to Camden, Hackney to Soho and Shoreditch to Covent Garden, you will find it hard placed to not find a decent Chai Latte, Flat White or a gingerbread latte in a unique and cosy setting. Yum! … Continue Reading

Winter is coming, or at least that’s what John Snow keeps telling us! Well, that winter has finally reached London, minus the white walkers and the Lanisters at least… 😉 Unlike that raucous bunch in Game of Thrones, winter doesn’t have to be scary though in London. In fact, it can be a pretty magical … Continue Reading

London has an array of amazing independent coffee houses, cocktail bars and venues that seem to pop up at a moment’s notice. As a Londoner, you have probably invested lots of your precious time and effort in finding a restaurant, bar or event that becomes ‘your place’. You had to go through the rough and … Continue Reading

It’s almost Halloween, that time of the year when you can pile on that fake blood, wear the most outrageous clothing, spray paint your hair green and party like it’s 1999! If you’re looking for an exciting evening of horrifying tomfoolery where you can embrace the scare-fest of the spookiest night of the year. This … Continue Reading

You’ve heard the stories, you’ve planned your adventure, but nothing can quite get you prepared to survive a tube journey in London. Before you get all clammy and worried, there is no zombie-style apocalypse holding tube-goers to ransom… well, not unless you spot me on the tube before 8 am, but there are definitely ways … Continue Reading

London is filled with amazing places to see, delicious foods to eat and quirky spots to find and although all the obvious places are a definite must to visit, some of London’s more exciting ‘treasures’ are not as well known as you’d expect. Ever since finding out about St Dunstan’s in the East (see more deets … Continue Reading

There are literally thousands of places to rest your head in London Town. From unique houses, boats, lairs and even my humble home. London caters for every taste and budget. Recently I walked past (and took a peek inside) one of the nicest, luxury hotels I have seen in the capital, Me London! Where Is … Continue Reading

There are so many gorgeous areas of London to explore, with Shoreditch being of no exception. There’s everything from retro stores, cool markets and a host of the best bars in Shoreditch that are dotted all over the place.  Now, one of the best things about Shoreditch is that it’s constantly changing. It’s an area … Continue Reading

Perched in the centre of our city, Kings Cross is one of the areas in London that’s had something of a revival over the last fifteen years or so. That being said, with all this revival has led a whole heap of the best things to do in Kings Cross that are dotted all across … Continue Reading

*Update: The iTunes Festival has now stopped but you can still enjoy the Roundhouse in Camden with all the other music events they host. There is always something fun and exciting to do in London – with this year being of no exception! From; festivals, gigs, delicious food and world-class historical sites, London has it … Continue Reading

Covent Garden is one of the best areas in London that seems to attract lots of visitors and Londoners alike! That being said, it’s easy to see why… especially with all the yummy restaurants, alleys to explore and the best things to do in Covent Garden.  Honestly, if it’s your first time in London and … Continue Reading

One of the best things about all the amazing areas in London is how diverse each of their foodie scenes is. You see, neighbourhoods like; Covent Garden, Whitechapel and Kings Cross all have their fair share of amazing restaurants, with Notting Hill being no exception. Now, in my opinion, there are a heap of the … Continue Reading

London is often seen to be an expensive city to visit, especially if you are travelling form a country where the exchange rate is not in your favour. That being said, there are some really easy and nifty ways to visit London on a budget that each visitor can follow. Now, one thing that I … Continue Reading