London is a foodie dream spot to visit! Thankfully, Long gone are those days of stodgy foods and bland meals (that I was told London once was). Today, the city is all about a diversity of flavours and that’s no different when it comes to finding the most gorge-worthy and very best burgers in London.

Ranging from the humblest of market stalls to the juiciest gourmet spots,  you can easily find hundreds of the best burgers in London that are dotted all across our fine city. With that in mind, I decided to ‘take one for the team’ and scour the city for the best burgers in London I know, I know, It’s a hard job…but someone had to do it. Ha!

That being said, with so much choice comes that tricky decision of where to actually go. Take a look at some of the proper tasty and best burgers in London that you have to try…

…All tried and tested and quickly devoured of course.The Best Burgers in London (1)

Read more on the best burgers in London to try, below. 

1.) Hoi Polloi

The Best Burgers in London (11)

Located in the Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street, Hoi Polloi is a modern brasserie that is also pretty cool hangout. Not only that, they make some of the best burgers in London, with their basic cheeseburger being anything but ‘basic’.  The classic combination of ground beef topped with mountains of melted cheese and fresh coleslaw piled on a brioche bun is just too good to miss.

Even though Shoreditch is ablaze with gourmet burger spots, their basic cheeseburger is easily one of my favourites you have to try. Also, be sure to grab a side of the pickled onion rings with salt cod dip.

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2.) Boom Burger

The Best Burgers in London (10)

Located at 272 Portobello Road in West London, Boom Burger is the type of spot that’ll make your mouth water as soon as you step inside. A place for more adventurous burgers, they put a distinctly Jamaican flair into every bouncy bun, with it easily ranking as one of the best burgers in London to try.

Once you’re here, try the classic Bacon Boom for a simple beef patty grilled with cheese and crispy bacon, or go true island style with the Jerk Boom, which consists of jerk chicken topped with fried plantains, fresh mango and pawpaw sauce.

There are some excellent vegetarian options as well, such as the Veggie Boom, which is a patty of sweet potato topped with loads of chilli and fresh avocado slices.

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3.) Meat Market

The Best Burgers in London (3)

Meatmarket is Located at Jubilee Market Hall, Tavistock Street that’s home to more than one of the best burgers in London (and some proper guzzle-worthy white Russian milkshakes, too).

Once seated, be sure to try the Dead Hippie, with two mustard fried beef patties topped with crispy lettuce, melted cheese, crunchy pickles, white onion and the classic dead hippie sauce.

Now, if you’re feeling extra hungry, make sure to pair it with the ‘hot mess’, a plate of; crispy hash browns topped with tangy blue cheese, spicy jalapenos, buffalo sauce and pickles.

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4.) Spitalfields Bar

The Best Burgers in London (9)

Spitalfields Bar is perched right underneath the famous steakhouse, the Hawksmoor ( 157A Commercial Street) making it pretty easy to find. Once you’re here, you’ll find some of the best burgers in London that’ll almost have you rolling home (you really will be filled to the brim).

Now, unlike lots of other burger joints,  the secret to the patties deliciousness is the bone marrow that is mixed in with the ground beef,. Together, these create one of the best burgers in London that you have to try. Though, you might wanna give this one a miss if you’re a veggie.

Pair it with a side of dripping fries and a quick marmalade cocktail that’ll leave you like a tipsy Paddington Bear!

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5.) Stokey Bears

The Best Burgers in London (2)

Located at 129 Stoke Newington High Street, Stokey Bears is one of the best burgers in London to try if you’re looking for quality in your food. After all, their overacting aim is to focus on these quality meats that go into every single burger, with each one being 100 percent grass-fed Sussex beef.

If you are in the mood for a classic cheeseburger, the Burger Bear is a simple treat that’s so tasty. That being said, if you’re feeling ravenous, go for the Greedy Bear which is made from two beef patties, crispy double bacon and a thick dollop of bacon jam.

Thankfully, Stokey Bears hasn’t forgotten about vegetarians, either. I’ve heard (on good authority) the Koala Bear, a surprisingly delicious black bean patty topped with avocado, cheese and coriander-lime yoghurt burger is just amazing.

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6.) Hache

The Best Burgers in London (5)

Perched on Inverness Street in lively Camden Town, Hache is known for using only the freshest ingredients to make the best burgers in London.  Trust me when I say, the steak burgers are unbelievable and one you’ve gotta try!

That being said, if you’re feeling fancy, go for the steak le fume, which is topped with caramelized onions, smoky bacon, melted Gruyere cheese and crunchy coleslaw.

This mouth-watering meal is then presented to you in a smoke-filled dome, which adds even more flavour (and oodles of dramatic flair).

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7.) Meat Mission

The Best Burgers in London (7)

Easily found at 15 Hoxton Market, Meat Mission is open every day (until around 11 pm-midnight). Now, one of the fav burgers at Meat Mission has to be the dirty chicken cheeseburger, it’s literally overflowing and so yummy!

Now, although Meat Mission seems to just focus on meat, they actually have a pretty good vegan and veggie burger menu too. The veggie satan fingers are so good (and nowhere near as devilish as they sound). They’re literally the chunkiest strips of seitan that are doused in chilli sauce.

If you’re wanting a sweet treat, try their Jägermeister ripple ice-cream too. I’m still not brave enough to try this… I’m almost certain it’ll give me flashbacks to drinking Jäger on a night out (and they dreadful hangover the next morning).

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8.) Honest Burgers

The Best Burgers in London (13)

Located at 4A Meard Street. This is a popular SoHo spot that does not accept reservations, so it may be difficult to get a table if you do not come early enough (or if you’re in a bigger party).

Now, in my opinion, go for the signature honest burger that’s definitely up there as one of the best burgers in London to try. Created with aged beef, red onion, smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce served with rosemary or parmesan chips that are I never even knew I wanted before trying them.

Best of all, Honest Burgers has now expanded to around 15 restaurants, with some outside of London, too.

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9.) Meat and Shake

The Best Burgers in London (12)

Located at 47 Upper Tooting Road, Meat and Shake is well known for putting an imaginative twist on a classic dish. For the non-adventurous, there is the Plain Jane, which is their version of a classic cheeseburger.

If that sounds too boring, braver souls can spice it up with the Luchador, which includes salsa, chilli and jalapenos, It’s an eye-waterer, that’s for sure.

If you’re a bit of a truffle pig, go ahead and order the truffle shuffle, which combines truffle mayo and swiss cheese with truffle mushrooms and a honey glaze. I’m not a fan of mushrooms, but this is amazing!

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10.) Mercado Metropolitan

The Best Burgers in London (14)

So, Mercado Metropolitan (in Elephant and Castle) is more than just a burger joint, it’s filled with around 30 stalls that offer a huge range of different foods and drinks, all centred around one open area that has DJ’s and entertainment on the weekends.

Once you’re here, make sure to head to the burger stall (that’s just adjacent to the Backyard Cinema).

Here, they cook up some of the best flame-grilled burgers you’ll find south of the river that all come served with a mountain of fries on a massive slate platter.


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