Now any Game of Thrones fan worth their salt knows Croatia plays a key role in the series. A lot of Daenerys’ scenes were shot here in Split and scenes from Kings Landing were shot in Dubrovnik. It’s very easy to take for granted while watching the series the reason behind the location choices on … Continue Reading

As you know from Instagram, we visited Croatia recently and as you could probably tell from the numerous photos we kept posting, Croatia is an amazing place to visit! It’s very little wonder why it’s quickly becoming a favourite holiday destination for quite a lot of us. This trip to Croatia was my very first … Continue Reading

Its been a busy few days! Quad biking, island hopping, quite a lot of eating and *cough* wine tasting (i.e. getting drunk while soaking up the amazing Croatian sunshine surrounded by amazing views). Okay, now I know this post is coming a bit late but to be fair, my laptop has spent quite a bit … Continue Reading