Trentino is a part of Italy, we’ve long been fond of! It’s a part of Italy that looks and feels like nowhere else in Italy! It’s just such a special place and one we had such a great time exploring the first time we visited. Then there’s Lake Garda – home to some rather amazing … Continue Reading

 Rome is an absolute beauty of a city to visit, with the secret spots in Rome are actually a testament to that. It’s not very often when the hype around a city is actually matched with the reality of exploring the city and Rome is one of those few cities that doesn’t just match up … Continue Reading

A first time trip to Italy is pretty exciting and totally incredible; that’s a given. Though, with so many of the best places in Italy to visit on a first trip, it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re in that planning stage.  From the gorgeous towns of Southern Italy (yes, I am naming you; Matera), … Continue Reading

All the photos from my recent trip to Florence… I will try to keep this within the remits of a photo diary and so I won’t rehash the sights, sounds and tastes of Florence (already did that in this post). There are quite a few photos here so I’ve split it into two posts otherwise it would take forever … Continue Reading

Okay, I finally got around to looking through the Palermo photos (which I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to editing after all the rain we had that weekend) but it looks like quite a few of them turned out okay. Pheeeew! The good thing about having the rain was that it made it … Continue Reading

Perched in the Lombardy region of Italy, Mantua is an ancient Italian city that’s so incredible to see.  There really is so many of the best things to do in Mantua, plus, it has a whopping history too.  After all, being well over 4,000 years old, what else can you expect. 🙂 Now, in lots … Continue Reading

Thoughts of Italy conjures up images of beautiful rolling hills, basking in that famous Italian sunshine, stunning cities, ancient churches and colourful picturesque houses all stacked on a hill overlooking the sea. By and large, this has come to be a big reason why most of us visit (or indeed, want to visit) Italy. Thing … Continue Reading

Nestled within the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, the historic city of Bologna is a total gem to visit when exploring some of Italy’s best cities. Not only that, there’s a whole heap of history that dates back centuries within the city.  This, all means that there’s a huge mix of incredible bags of the best … Continue Reading

The hard part’s done; you’ve decided you want to go to Italy and you’ve decided that you’d like to see this by road. Okay, perhaps that’s not the hard part but still, making those decisions is a pretty great start. Now, let us take things from there for you and share our 1-week road trip itinerary … Continue Reading

Exciting news!!! We’re off to explore Italy for a week with nothing but a backpack and a rickshaw! 🙂 It’s very unlike anything else we’ve done before and we’re very excited about it! Bravofly (which is part of the group) set us a challenge to see how much of Italy we could cover – … Continue Reading

First off, 24 hours is too little time to spend in the Amalfi coast. That being said, we decided we would give it our very best shot while on our road trip across Italy. It was our final stop in our rickshaw afterall. As with every other day, we arrived in the middle of the … Continue Reading

One of my favourite things about visiting Italy (especially in summer) is the weather! A fact that makes pretty much all of the best hikes in Italy something you have to experience, not just in summer but all year around. But let’s face it – by now, you probably already have far too many reasons … Continue Reading

By the way, the queue to get in here is incredibly long! It goes round several blocks/streets and then some. By any standards of queues anywhere else we’ve been, it’s long! I can’t speak to how fast the queue moves though (maybe it moves fast enough to make it not so tedious for those on … Continue Reading

Bari is one of the best Italian cities to visit if you’re exploring the gems of Southern Italy. With centuries of history, loads of foodie spots and a gorgeous centre to stroll around, Bari is the perfect Italian city to visit. In fact, there are heaps of the best things to do in Bari dotted … Continue Reading