For the longest time, I’ve had this dream of renting a rustic old Tuscan farmhouse and using this as my base to explore Italy properly. The choice of Tuscany probably comes as no surprise as I keep banging on and on about how much it’s easily one of my favourite regions in Italy – especially … Continue Reading

Italy is an incredible country and a place that has so many different experiences and places to visit. From the big cities of Italy, the gorgeous region of Cinque Terre and the national parks of Italy, there’s a whole bunch of places that I’m almost certain you’ll love. That being said, there’s also a huge … Continue Reading

A first time trip to Italy is pretty exciting and totally incredible; that’s a given. Though, with so many of the best places in Italy to visit on a first trip, it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re in that planning stage.  From the gorgeous towns of Southern Italy (yes, I am naming you; Matera), … Continue Reading

And no, it’s nothing to do with a mispronounced word or a meal you should have tried in Italy. But let’s take a step back first to set some context. *Oh and by ‘you’, I mean ‘we’… (we only just found out about this today!) Milan is one of the most popular cities to visit … Continue Reading

As we mentioned briefly in this post here, we’re in Italy! Italy is such a favourite of mine and a big dream I’ve harboured for the longest time was to stay in a Tuscan farmhouse in the middle of the countryside and soak in some of that Italian ‘La Dolce Vita‘ (The Sweet Life). The original … Continue Reading

Swiftly following on from the 30 things you need to know before visiting Italy and a little inspired by this table cloth (via our snapchat @HandLuggageOnly – see tweet below), I figured it made sense to accompany that little guide with a food section. A food guide to Italy! (Probably a tacky souvenir to have but actually … Continue Reading

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe, nay, the world! My love for this country goes almost as deep as my love of chocolate-flavoured-anything, which I feel no remorse about and no reason to apologise for! Some favourite, off the top of my head, is the stunning Tuscan towns, the gorgeous … Continue Reading

Florence is one of those gorgeous Italian cities that needs little introduction. It’s the kinda city that’s perfect to visit on a trip across Italy and one place I’m almost certain you’ll want to go back to. That’s the thing about it, there so many incredible and the best things to do in Florence that … Continue Reading

Cinque Terre is many a traveller’s dream location (especially in Italy) and with summer just around the corner, promising with it oddles of sunshine, thoughts of holiday makers start to wander towards picture perfect colourful locations like this Italian gem in the Ligurian sea. I honestly can’t recommend Cinque Terre enough, it’s one of those … Continue Reading

The hard part’s done; you’ve decided you want to go to Italy and you’ve decided that you’d like to see this by road. Okay, perhaps that’s not the hard part but still, making those decisions is a pretty great start. Now, let us take things from there for you and share our 1-week road trip itinerary … Continue Reading

Anyone who’s ever been to Italy’s Amalfi coast can tell you hands down that this one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy and a definite must-add to your travel plans. We got to visit for the first time last year on our road trip across Italy and have to say, the Amalfi … Continue Reading

I’ve done so many blog posts on this but I’ve finally gotten round to editing the video from our trip! 🙂 When we were in Italy I ended up going way overboard with the videos and photos I was taking and it was only when I got home and had to sift through hours of … Continue Reading

From the stunning cites like Rome, coastal regions like Cinque Terre and the incredible villages in southern regions, Italy is one of the most diverse European countries to visit. That being said, it can get pretty bamboozling to plan a trip to see as much as possible. This is so true when there’s so much … Continue Reading

Some days are just made for throwing away the rule book and seeing where your restless feet will take you… Or in our case, our tiny rickshaw. Back in our place in Rome, we’d met up with some of the others doing the rickshaw challenge and we decided to stick together for part of the route. … Continue Reading