Ever since our trip to Slovakia in winter, I’ve somehow managed to constantly stumble upon so many photos of Slovenia online (thank you Pinterest) and a couple of weeks ago, whole discussing my need to visit Slovenia very soon, we received a rather delightful invite to come on a wine tour of the country. First … Continue Reading

To be fair, our trip to Slovenia was laden with agenda and that was to discover the country’s wine! Europe as a whole produces a lot of really great wine (even in the UK though beers, ales and spirits are more our thing) and a lot of popular countries like Italy, Spain and France get … Continue Reading

But first things first – dinner! See, after our evening exploring the picturesque city of Maribor (Slovenia’s second-largest city), we’d worked up quite the appetite and there was no better place to quell said appetite than the delightful restaurant called Rozmarin – one of the best restaurants in the city (also home to a rather … Continue Reading

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea what to expect of Slovenia and so, even though I arrived fairly open-minded, I was genuinely pleased to see nothing but beautiful rolling hills, cows (surrounding their respective farm houses) and a fair selection of vineyards as we cycled our way through the countryside (just outside of … Continue Reading

Slovenia is a relatively small European country that is nestled between the Italian, Croatian, Hungarian and Austrian countries that make up this pretty region of Europe. There are lots of things to see, do and of course eat in Slovenia, making this a perfect place to spend a holiday or even include on a road trip in Europe. … Continue Reading