Well they are amazing is what they are! In my last post, I kinda kept getting distracted by food, well this is that food post! So back to the matter at hand – Pintxos! Pintxos are technically Hors d’oeuvres but you can pretty much turn it into a main meal. The idea is basically that … Continue Reading

This post started off on another tangent but very quickly evolved when I looked through the photos. Initially it was gonna show you an aspect of San Sebastian I really enjoyed (the eating and drinking) but when I started looking through the photos, I realised there’s no way I could do that without showing you … Continue Reading

I’ve got one question for you! Why had no one told me how beautiful San Sebastian is? I love a beautiful city as much as next traveller but for some reason or the other, I’d never quite made it to San Sebastian – this all changed however when we visited The Basque Country. But you … Continue Reading