But first, let’s carry on where we left off (the previous post is available here if you haven’t seen it yet)… After our day exploring Tromso, we were very pleased with the idea of dinner followed by a quick dip in the hot tub (though perhaps it might have made sense to do it the … Continue Reading

Yup! We’re up in the Arctic Circle. I am writing this post looking right outside my window at a snow-clad mountain in one of the most beautiful places (and certainly the highest place) we’ve ever visit – Tromso in Norway. Sounds like a bold claim but I’m gonna put the photos down below and you … Continue Reading

One place I’d always wanted to visit in Norway was Tromso. It’s one of the highest places you can visit – not just in Europe but in the world, so much so that it’s in the Arctic circle! Unlike other parts of the Arctic circle, there’s no chance of you running into polar bears here … Continue Reading

After that ‘refreshing’ dip in the Arctic Sea, we meandered slowly through the city centre of Tromso before heading to our new hotel, smack in the centre of the action (I use that term lightly – it was a long public holiday so the city wasn’t nearly as busy as it typically would be). Our … Continue Reading