When my friends suggested booking a trip to Thailand, I immediately jumped on board – Thailand is a one country that possesses some of the most magnificent sights in the world and a travel destination that beckons to millions of people each year and rightly so.

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts these past few days and that is all down to this trip to Thailand.

Internet connection issues asides, I knew we had a lot of activities planned in Thailand so couldn’t really afford to go trudging across Thailand with my laptop (which made so much sense as my bag was soaked at one point in the rain).

As you can imagine, there will be quite  a few Thailand based blog posts coming up soon (I honestly couldn’t fit it all in one post!) but to start with – here are some of the top 9 things I did for the very first time in Thailand!

N.B.: There are loads more than these 9 but I’m gonna limit this post to these. 🙂 

1.) Kayaking into Caves and Coves: This was one of my very first ‘wow moments’ in Thailand. We did an island tour (including islands like James Bond Island, Hong Island…etc) and these caves were amazing to see!

2.) Going on a Speedboat: I almost chickened out of this one. In fact, I actually did chicken out and only agreed to go at the last minute. Got to see and do so much by taking this speedboat on a tour of the islands near Koh Phi Phi so there are many other firsts within this too but I’ll fill you in on more in an upcoming blog post.

3.) Riding a Tuk Tuk: On the first night, we went out to explore Phuket (including Bangla Road) – where we saw some stuff that was truly a first for us! On the way back home, we decided to get a Tuk Tuk home and between the beers we’d had, the excitement from the energy on Bangla Road and the bouncing on the seats in the Tuk Tuk, this ended up being a fun journey back to the apartment!

4.) Snorkelling: This was done as part of the speedboat experience and I wasn’t even expecting it until we docked and were told to jump right in. It was AWESOME! We saw some brilliantly bright fish and it was only after we were done with the experience that I actually realised that this was my first time snorkelling.

5.) Buying a painting: After an exhausting day, we figured we’d head out for a quiet dinner and explore the markets and I can upon this painting which captivated me as soon as I saw it. I knew I had to have it right there and then – thankfully, I could afford it too! I also got to meet the artist which was a nice added bonus.

6.) Full moon party on the beach: Another unexpected experience. We could see the lights from our hotel and figured we’d venture into town and see what was going on. What eventually ensued was a cocktails filled night, partying with strangers and marvelling when the tide went really low and almost everyone ran to experience it first hand! The evening was surprisingly (in a good way) not as debauched as people make it sound and was actually just chock-a-block with people just wanting to have a great time on their holiday!

7.) Getting a room upgrade (complete with a private pool): Don’t know why or how this happened but didn’t question it when the lady came over to explain to us that out room at The Westin had been upgraded to rooms with private pools (which cost 4 times more than what we paid for our original room). This was explained part way through virgin cocktails and on our way to full on not-so-virgin cocktails and just made our day!

8.) Getting a fish (and actual) pedicure: These fish pedicure places are ubiquitous but I’d never thought I’d do it until one night as we made our way slowly back to the hotel where my friends suggested going for it. I initially declined and said I’d watch but I gave in fairly quickly and joined in on it. They’re sooooo ticklish but sure enough, as promised, you actually start to get used to them! I was already booked in for a massage and pedicure the next day at our hotel – the pedicure being an actual first – and I think I may be a pedicure convert! I will try to get more pedicures methinks.

9.) 1st Time in Thailand: This is the most encompassing and obvious firsts of all. My first time experiencing the local culture, eating the local meals (and comparing them to the versions available in the UK and other places outside of Thailand), taking in the sights and sounds and fully enjoying all Thailand has too offer!

First time on THE BEACH – you know, the one from the Danny Boyle film with Leonardo DiCaprio… This is actually located in Maya Bay and it  is so amazing in person! There will be a bigger post on this coming up soon. 😉

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