Edinburgh is one pretty special Scottish city. The sights of Edinburgh, such as; the castle, the Royal Mile and Arthur’s Seat are pretty well-known but there is a whole heap of other places that every visitor should see.

whether you’re in the city for a few days or a little longer, digging a litter deeper into the hidden sights of the city offers all of us the opportunity to find something a little more secret and off the beaten path…

…with some pretty epic gems to be discovered.

Take a look below at some of the very best secret sights that most visitors forget to see.

1.) Coffins of Arthurs Seat

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Now, Arthur’s Seat itself doesn’t seem like much of a secret, does it? Though, stick with me on this one.

You see, one of the things that most people don’t know about Arthur’s Seat is that there has been a load of tiny coffins hidden within the mountain itself. Yes, as macabre and eerie as it sounds, it’s true. 

Discovered over 200 years ago, no one truly knows why they were placed there but it’s so unusual. 

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2.) The resting place of Lord Voldemort

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This cemetery may not look that interesting… probably a little more sinister and spooky if anything! Recent whispers around the city have come to suggest that one grave, in particular, that of Tom Riddle (aka, Voldemort) is actually the influence for the character (of the same name) in Harry Potter.

J.K Rowling would often write her manuscript nearby which explains the connection. Believe it or just pop it down to coincidence, this little piece of hearsay is most definitely hear-to-stay! 😉

3.) See where Trainspotting was written

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Number 2 Wellington Place (in Leith) may not sound or look very important but it is actually the place where Irvine Welsh wrote his smash hit book Trainspotting – that cult classic film that’s as gritty as they come! If you’re an Irvine Welsh fan you’re bound to love this stop…

…though, you’ll probably want to skip this place if you’re not that keen!

4.) National Museum of Scotland roof terrace

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Many people come here to the National Museum but most miss this jewel in the museum’s crown.

The doorway that leads to the roof terrace is a little hard to find but if you do you will get to enjoy some of the best views of the city and even grab a bite to eat too.

5.) Edinburgh’s underground town

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Mary King’s Close is an underground street/close situated on the bustling Royal Mile. As the Royal Mile Grew, the small streets and close were built upon until the whole area was sealed shut from the residents of Edinburgh!

After many years, they’ve no been opened to the public again. Expect tales of haunting, plagues and the fate of the residents.

It’s one of the city’s most eerie places.

6.) Discover The Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory suffers from the fact that it sits atop Blackford Hill and is located on the south side of Edinburgh (a little hidden from the main sites of the city).

It’s a great place to discover some pretty epic views of the city and a great place for photography too.

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7.) Find the Craigentinny Marbles

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Most visitors here don’t venture to Craigentinny Crescent, but if they did they would be amazed to find this mausoleum in situ. The tomb of William Henry Miller, this mausoleum is a work of art and is made of intricately carved stone.

8.) The Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Okay, fine, not a secret but still totally cool.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is well-known, but most visitors never visit the upper part of the gallery, away from the main exhibition space. If you do, however, you will be rewarded with an array of statues and masks of famous Scottish faces.

9.) Discover the Water of Leith

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The Water of Leith is overlooked by lots of visitors to Edinburgh but it’s a great place to discover the Union Canal.

While less well-known and visited, the Water of Leith has grassy banks and a conservation centre that are perfect for a walk in the sun-dappled afternoon.

Plus, there are some pretty cool bars there, too.

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17 Best Things To Do In Edinburgh, Scotland

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