Bermuda is a gorgeous island to explore and a totally idyllic place to chill out, relax and explore on a trip. That being said, the island also has a fair few of the best things to do in Bermuda that are dotted all across the island.

This, can, make it harder to whittle down a definitive list of the key spots, beaches and restaurants that you want to visit whilst on Bermuda.

After spending some time here, I wanted to share some of the best things to do in Bermuda that you should visit. Now, rather than just give you a whole heap of beaches or just historic sites, I’ve tried to mix them up a bit. 

This way, you get a proper feel for Bermuda and what the island is all about. It really is a special place to visit.

11 Things You Have To See and Do When Visiting Bermuda (13)

With that in mind, take a look at some of the best things to do in Bermuda on your next trip. Oh, and don’t get lost in that infamous Bermuda Triangle! 😉

Have the best time. 

1.) Sip a rum swizzle

Perched in the Paget Parish, Elbow Beach is a pretty epic place to enjoy the shores of the island.

Make sure to take a stop off at Mickey’s Bistro and grab yourself one of their famed Rum Swizzles (Which are potent, by the way). I warn you though, you’ll be seeing double after a few glasses of this! 🤣

Honestly, after a long day exploring, having a tipple (or two) is easily one of the best things to do in Bermuda. 

Now, one thing to note, prices can be quite high in Bermuda. Even coming from London (where I feel things are a little pricier) I noticed a marked increase in costs.

Plan your budget wisely and slow down on those Rum Swizzles if you’re looking to reign in the costs.

2.) Explore the National Museum of Bermuda

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (4)

Travel to the western end of the island to learn about the dynamic history of Bermuda at the National Museum. The museum is made up of military buildings of the former Keep Fort, which now house exhibits highlighting the island’s 500-year history.

Make sure to explore all of Commissioner’s House, too. It really is one of the best things to do in Bermuda if you want to explore some of the island’s history. 

Afterwards, take a stroll around St George’s and find the centuries-old Unfinished Church. 

3.) Wander around Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (12)

Located in Paget Parish, the Bermuda Botanical Gardens is made up of 36-acres of native trees and flora that keep this part of the island lush and green.

Once here, check out one of the glass greenhouses with orchids, smell your way through the aromatic garden or check out the history of the gardens in the visitor centre.

One tip to consider, if you suffer from hayfever like me you might want to give this place a miss. The pollen levels can be a little high. 

4.) Chill at some amazing beaches

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (5)

On the south coast of Bermuda is the gorgeous and pretty amazing, Horseshoe Bay. For me, chilling out on Horsehoe Bay is easily one of the best things to do in Bermuda. It’s idyllic. 

Known for its curved shape (hence the name, of course) the bay draws you to its idyllic beach with pink sands and blue water.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (2)

If you’re looking for a little break from beach life, head over to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse – here you’ll be able to enjoy some unobstructed ted views across this paradise island.

After all that exploring, head over to Hamilton for one of the best seafood chowders on the island.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (7)

Lobster Pot is one amazing local venue that you just can’t miss; just make sure to build up an appetite.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (3)

Also, if you want some more beach time, pop over to Warwick Long Bay, Sinky Bay or Jobson’s Cove. They’re all stunners. 

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5.) Visit the Royal Naval Dockyard

Not far from the National Museum of Bermuda, the Royal Naval Dockyard was the main base for the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic until 1995. Now it is a hub for ships to dock and offers a variety of restaurants and shops, including arts and crafts that are created on this island. ⚓

Also, if it’s history you’re after; check out the National Museum of Bermuda, too. It’s got centuries of history that covers everything about Bermuda itself. 

If you’re looking for a little keepsake to take home, this will be the place to get it.

6.) Discover Blue Hole Park

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (24)

Just off of Harrington South Road, Blue Hole Park is an incredible place to explore the blue holes, caves and nature. It really is one of the best things to do in Bermuda. 

The site connects to Tom Moore’s Jungle and is a great place to snorkel with tropical fish and explore underwater caves. It is also a great area for bird watchers, too. Just pack some binoculars before you visit. 

It really is a stunner of a place, especially if you love a good dip! Just make sure to pack lots of sun-block and listen to local advice on the roughness of the seas. 

7.) Wander through the Crystal Cave

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (21)

This underground, 500-meter long cave is located near Castle Harbour and is easily one of the best things to do in Bermuda if you love a little adventure.

Now, the cave itself was formed during the Ice Age but was only discovered in the 1900s. Nowadays, it’s open to visitors and you can take a tour through the cave itself.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (23)

Though, be sure to wear good footwear and prepare for the chilly 72-degree cave temperature.

8.) Find Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (26)

Head over to St. David’s on the eastern part of the island to explore this 12-acres of pristine natural beauty that is Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve.

The shallow waters are perfect for relaxing in, and the boardwalk allows you to walk through former plantation areas with native plants throughout.

As this place is protected under law, no fishing (or the like) is allowed on the reserve, but bird watching, swimming and exploring. It really is one of the best things to do in Bermuda if you want to chillout and relax. 

9.) Have a Dark and Stormy tipple

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (22)

You can’t go to Bermuda without having a little tipple of this famous cocktail.

Available in most areas of the island, it’s the drink of choice that packs a pretty hefty punch in terms of alcohol content. Enough said.

10.) Wander through Front Street in Hamilton

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (1)

The capital city of Hamilton is home to the historic Front Street, the heart of Hamilton.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (25)

Oh, and make sure to see Sessions House, too. 

Walk along the street and admire the colourful buildings, eat in one of the many restaurants and shop your socks off- but be strategic.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (19)

Prices (for food and shops) can be pretty high here, so make sure you choose wisely.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (6)

You might be lucky enough to see some traditional Gombey Dancers, too. Typically, these are around during festivals but also (sometimes) when the cruise ships dock. 

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (29)

For a tasty bite to eat, head over to Mad Hatters who serve some deliciously fresh seafood.

11.) See Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (17)

Want to see the first lighthouse made from cast iron? Welcome to the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is the taller of two on the island and was constructed in 1844. Challenge yourself to the 185-foot climb to the top of the lighthouse and grab a tea at the Lighthouse Tearoom after your mammoth climb. 

Best Things To Do In Bermuda (27)

Also, don’t forget a little visit to Saint David’s Lighthouse, too. It really is one of the best things to do in Bermuda if you want to see some more of the history on the island.  

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